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Chapters One through Four

• James Dunworthy enters a viewing chamber where his friend, Mary Ahrens, is watching the preparations for sending a historian named Kivrin to 1320.

• Historians do not usually go to the medieval period because of the danger to the historian, but the department head is gone, so the policy is circumvented.

• Ms. Montoya is working on an archaeological dig near the university excavating a village known as Skendgate.

• Kivrin has an embedded "interpreter" which will help her recognize and duplicate syntax for the language.
• Kirvin goes through extensive medical preparations, including having her appendix removed.

• Kirvin has a small recorder which is activated by holding her hands together, as in prayer.

• In Chapter 2 the net has opened and Kivrin disappears.

• Dunworthy and Mary go to a pub, to wait for Badri to get "a fix" on Kivrin's location so she can be picked up later.

• Badri...

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