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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After going home after the movie, what does April sense when she walks into the house?
(a) That someone is watching them from outside.
(b) That her brother has been into her stuff.
(c) That no one is home.
(d) That her parents have been fighting.

2. The morning after going to the movie, April's father wakes her up. What does he tell her they are going to do?
(a) Go on a maxi-vay.
(b) Go on a vay-kay.
(c) Go on a two-day-vay.
(d) Go on a mini-vay.

3. It is the hitman that April actually sees outside the window. What does he do next?
(a) Runs away.
(b) Waves a gun at her.
(c) Comes into the house.
(d) Shoves her mother in front of him so April can see her.

4. What kind of feeling does April have as she waits for her grandmother to get money at the ATM?
(a) That something is going to go terribly wrong.
(b) That everything will end up alright.
(c) That someone is watching them.
(d) That someone is going to rob her grandmother.

5. When April gets home from Disney World, Larry calls her. How does he act?
(a) As though he really missed her.
(b) Possessive and demanding.
(c) Casual and indifferent.
(d) Happy that she had a great time at Disney World.

6. What does April do when she first arrives at the Sarasota airport?
(a) She dyes her hair in the washroom.
(b) She runs into Jodi.
(c) She phones her parents.
(d) She phones Steve in Norwood and talks to his brother.

7. What does the family do as they drove to Disney World?
(a) Plays games and sings Disney songs.
(b) Plans how to convince their grandmother to come to Florida.
(c) Talks about their life in Virginia.
(d) Discusses how to improve their lives in Florida.

8. Steve takes April to see her grandmother at her condo. Why is April so upset when she sees her grandmother?
(a) Her grandmother has had a bad facelift.
(b) Her grandmother's condo is very dirty.
(c) Her grandmother is living with a gentleman.
(d) Her grandmother has been beaten.

9. What does April overhear in the movie theater restroom that makes her very angry?
(a) That her family is poor.
(b) That April is stupid.
(c) That April has the weirdest hair.
(d) That April is not attractive.

10. How does her grandmother convince April that she has to return to Florida?
(a) By making her realize their lives are in danger.
(b) By promising to give her her car.
(c) By making her feel bad about leaving her parents.
(d) By offering her hundreds of dollars.

11. April would have to lie to get away from Grove City. How does she convince herself this is okay?
(a) That she has to get Steve away from Sherry.
(b) She has a secret plan to fix all their problems.
(c) She feels her needs are the most important.
(d) She tells herself she'll soon see her family again.

12. At some point during their trip, April and her grandmother realize something may have been stolen from them. What is it?
(a) Their luggage.
(b) Their map with their route to Grove City.
(c) The dog.
(d) Their money.

13. Jodi demands to know why April left Norwood. What does April say?
(a) That her parents lost all their money.
(b) That she had to have emergency surgery.
(c) That her parents needed a vacation.
(d) That her father had a temporary job in Japan.

14. Where does April tell her parents she is going so they won't find out she is going back to Norwood?
(a) Larry's weekend place on the ocean.
(b) Tampa for a tennis tournament.
(c) To work at a summer camp for two weeks.
(d) Kim's house for the weekend.

15. Aprill and her grandmother pull off the highway. What small town do they end up in?
(a) Tanseyton, SC.
(b) Turnerville, NC.
(c) Tutterville, SC.
(d) Timberlake, NC.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Abby accuse April of?

2. After leaving Norwood, and driving to Florida the next day, what does April notice behind them?

3. What does meeting Abby again in Grove City teach April?

4. What stops April from leaving the theater all together?

5. Back in Norwood, what topic does April bring up with Steve almost immediately?

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