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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After April gets home from the movie, what does her father tell her that Tom Geist advises?
(a) That April go live with her grandmother.
(b) That they should get out of Grove City.
(c) That the family can't join a local church.
(d) That she not go out for the school tennis team.

2. What does April's dad tell her on the day after the party?
(a) That she is not allowed to go to any more parties.
(b) That their house in Virginia has been sold.
(c) That the family is moving again.
(d) That April has to get a job to help out.

3. On the way to Florida, why does a patrol car officer pull April over and ask her for her license and registration?
(a) They think she has been drinking.
(b) They think her grandmother looks ill.
(c) Because she is speeding.
(d) The car has been reported stolen.

4. After a morning at Disney World, where do April's parents want April and Bram to go?
(a) Epcot Center.
(b) Sea World.
(c) The Haunted Mansion.
(d) Home.

5. What does April say to her father about Tom Geist's advice?
(a) That they have to live normally.
(b) That his advice is making them miserable.
(c) That her father should ignore it.
(d) That using the name Weber will fool people.

6. A few days after the family trip to Disney World, Kim calls. What does she talk to April about?
(a) April leading Larry on.
(b) April's tennis game.
(c) April's so-called break up with Larry.
(d) The new guy Kim has met.

7. What does April overhear in the movie theater restroom that makes her very angry?
(a) That April has the weirdest hair.
(b) That her family is poor.
(c) That April is stupid.
(d) That April is not attractive.

8. Steve takes April to see her grandmother at her condo. Why is April so upset when she sees her grandmother?
(a) Her grandmother has been beaten.
(b) Her grandmother is living with a gentleman.
(c) Her grandmother has had a bad facelift.
(d) Her grandmother's condo is very dirty.

9. After leaving Norwood, and driving to Florida the next day, what does April notice behind them?
(a) A school bus from Norwood.
(b) Steve following them.
(c) An old VW van full of cute guys.
(d) A black Camaro that she saw parked near them the night before.

10. April almost tells her parents about something that happened that evening. What is it?
(a) That she heard two girls talking about her.
(b) That Larry had gotten too friendly.
(c) That some of the people she'd met didn't like her.
(d) That she had met Abby in Grove City.

11. What do April and her grandmother finally see when they reach Lemon Lane in Grove City?
(a) Her parents' car in the ditch.
(b) Her parents' car parked right across Lemon Lane.
(c) Her parents' car upside down on the lawn.
(d) Her parents' car running but empty.

12. Why does April think her mother has been driving the car?
(a) Her mother has been drinking a lot.
(b) Her purse is on the front seat.
(c) Her mother's keys are in the ignition.
(d) Her father has lost his license.

13. Where do April and her grandmother find themselves soon after they see the hitman?
(a) In the garage.
(b) In the kitchen.
(c) In a bedroom closet.
(d) In the bathroom.

14. What kind of feeling does April have as she waits for her grandmother to get money at the ATM?
(a) That someone is going to rob her grandmother.
(b) That everything will end up alright.
(c) That something is going to go terribly wrong.
(d) That someone is watching them.

15. What does April do when she first arrives at the Sarasota airport?
(a) She runs into Jodi.
(b) She dyes her hair in the washroom.
(c) She phones Steve in Norwood and talks to his brother.
(d) She phones her parents.

Short Answer Questions

1. Aprill and her grandmother pull off the highway. What small town do they end up in?

2. How does the hitman know April is outside?

3. April's grandmother has had a visitor. How does April recognize who it is?

4. What does April compare her family to as they begin their trip to Disney World?

5. Back in Norwood, what does April tell Steve about her time away?

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