Objects & Places from Doll Bones

Holly Black
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Queen’s Quest

This objective for William the Blade requires crossing blades with the mermaid leader and lifting a curse.

Treasure of the Shark Prince

This has been Lady Jaye's quest since her days as an orphan beggar child.

East Rochester

This is the bus stop location where Alice, Poppy and Zach end up getting off because Tinshoe Jones harasses them.

Thomas Peebles Middle School

This is the school that Zach, Alice and Poppy attend, and where Zach plays basketball.


This is the name of the small sailing vessel that Zach, Poppy and Alice pirate. It is slim and low, just larger than a dingy but created from fiberglass.

Orchid Ware

This is a type of pottery developed by Lukas Kerchner and Philip Dowling.

Neptune's Pearl

This is the ship captained by William the Blade.

East Liverpool, Ohio

The town in which Eleanor lived and where her...

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