Doll Bones Fun Activities

Holly Black
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Create a Map

Using the narrative as a guide, create a map of the town where Zach, Poppy, and Alice live and the town of East Liverpool, Ohio. Where do the children travel in East Liverpool?

China Dolls

China dolls figure into the novel as a central motif. Ask students to bring their own displays of China dolls or other figures from the novel and discuss them in class.

Book Cover

After completing Doll Bones, create your own cover for the novel, incorporating the characters, themes, and settings.

Character Letter

Write a letter from one character to another in the narrative. What would they write about?

Create a Quest

Create your own quest like the ones developed by Zach, Alice, and Poppy in their imaginary world. Who would be your favorite characters? Why?

Draw a Setting

Draw one of the descriptions of the setting in the text, or...

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