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Veronica Roth
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who pulls Beatrice off of her opponent during the fight in Chapter Fourteen?
(a) Four.
(b) Edward.
(c) Will.
(d) Eric.

2. Beatrice realizes in Chapter Twelve that being Dauntless means being willing to make things more difficult for yourself in order to become what?
(a) Intuitive.
(b) Selfless.
(c) Self-sufficient.
(d) Peaceful.

3. What is Christina's former faction?
(a) Erudite.
(b) Candor.
(c) Dauntless.
(d) Amity.

4. What food item does Beatrice eat for the first time at the Dauntless headquarters in Chapter Seven?
(a) A hamburger.
(b) Spaghetti.
(c) Ice cream.
(d) Pizza.

5. During Beatrice's aptitude test, she sees a table before her. Beatrice must choose between which two options on the table?
(a) Bread and water.
(b) A ring and a watch.
(c) Cheese and a knife.
(d) Cake and a gun.

Short Answer Questions

1. What faction does Beatrice's brother choose during the ceremony in Chapter Five?

2. What is Robert's former fraction?

3. What does Natalie tell Beatrice to ask Caleb to research when she visits him in Chapter Fifteen?

4. What does Beatrice land on when she jumps into the unseen entrance to the Dauntless headquarters in Chapter Six?

5. Who has been attacked during the night in Chapter Seventeen?

Short Essay Questions

1. What information does Christina coerce out of Beatrice regarding her aptitude test in Chapter Sixteen?

2. How would you characterize Eric based on his introduction in Chapter Six? What does Eric tell the initiates about their dorm room?

3. What thoughts does Beatrice entertain regarding the Abnegation faction as she awaits her aptitude test in Chapter Two?

4. How would you describe Beatrice's world view in the beginning of the novel? How does Beatrice perceive the Abnegation faction?

5. What is the Dauntless faction's function within society? How has this faction changed over time?

6. Would you describe Al as a loyal character? Why or why not?

7. How would you describe the relationship between family and factions in the novel? Which is more important?

8. What does Four inform Beatrice about the simulation before it begins in Chapter Eighteen?

9. What function does the Abnegation faction fulfill within the faction society? Why is this their duty?

10. What violent event takes place after the rankings are posted in Chapter Sixteen?

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