Divergent Short Essay - Answer Key

Veronica Roth
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1. How would you describe Beatrice's world view in the beginning of the novel? How does Beatrice perceive the Abnegation faction?

Beatrice has an unreasonable view of life in the Abnegation faction but this is probably true of all the factions. She sees the actions of some of the Abnegation people and tries to model herself after them. The problem is that Beatrice has set her sights much too high and is trying to be perfect. She doesn't seem to realize that others struggle to be the best they can be and that it comes "naturally" to very few people.

2. What function does the Abnegation faction fulfill within the faction society? Why is this their duty?

Members of the Abnegation are supposed to be entirely selfless. Because of this, they are the political leaders. Imagine a politician who makes all his decisions based on the good of the people without any thought of what it means to them. That was the idea behind the Abnegation faction and the reason they are the lawmakers.

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