Divergent Fun Activities

Veronica Roth
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Create a Faction

In the Divergent Universe, there are five factions that are each dedicated to a particular virtue. Create a faction of your own which is focused on a trait that you deem desirable. What would the initiation process be like for your faction?

Comparing Concepts

The world in which Divergent is set has been compared by critics to other contemporary fictional novels and series. Develop a project that compares the world of Divergent to other contemporary settings such as the Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, etc.


Using the narrative of Divergent as a guide, create a map of the different faction headquarters, city boundaries, and other noteworthy settings from the narrative. Where are the different factions headquartered in the city?

News Clipping

Look in your local newspaper or archives for an article that involves some aspect of the novel and bring it to class. You...

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