Diamonds Are Forever Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How is the man stealing, raw uncut diamonds?

A man waits in the African desert for a helicopter. He has been using his job as a dentist at a diamond mine to steal raw, uncut diamonds.

2. What does the man complain to the pilot about?

When the helicopter finally arrives, the man complains to the pilot about an inspector who has been spending time at the mine and general working conditions. He tells him conditions have gotten too hot for the workers and the man has been forced to pay them more, meaning he gets less of a cut .

3. What does the man think as the helicopter flies away?

As the man watches the helicopter fly away he thinks about the dangers of his job. He decides it would be best to quit while he has enough money to make it all worthwhile.

4. Why is the man so anxious?

The man is anxious because the job he does is highly dangerous and risky and he can never know exactly what to expect. To make it worse for him the helicopter is several minutes late.

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