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Q Department

This is the Secret Service department that specializes in spy technology.

Bond's Attache Case

This has a gun silencer hidden inside.


This is Bond's gun of choice.

Spangled Gang

This is a mob group headed by Seraffimo Spang and his brother.


The Spangled gang is trying to smuggle these.


This is the car that Leiter drives.

Black Jack Table

When Shy Smile is disqualified from his race, Bond is instructed to go to Vegas and play this game.


Bond disobeys his orders by taking his earnings from the black jack table and playing this game. Bond wins twenty thousand dollars.

Shy Smile

This is the horse Bond has to bet on in order to get his payment for smuggling the diamonds into the United States.


Tiara is the name of a hotel and casino in Vegas owned by Spang.

Mud Baths

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