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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who out of all those mentioned in the will actually contributed to Cressida's fortune?
(a) Jerome.
(b) No one.
(c) Poppas.
(d) Horace.

2. Why do Carrie and Henry decide to support the person is question 169?
(a) They believe it is what Cressida would have wanted.
(b) They do not support anyone over anyone else in matters of the estate.
(c) They say it is in the will and therefore it is sacrosanct.
(d) They like that person (in question 169) better than anyone else.

3. How long does it seem to Carrie that Bouchalka has been at Cressida's house when Carrie arrives on her next visit?
(a) For quite some time.
(b) Bouchalka left the day before on an emergency to Germany.
(c) For only a minute or so ahead of Carrie.
(d) Bouchalka has not yet arrived.

4. Why does Cressida wait for a different ocean liner from that which Horace and Poppas take?
(a) She had a bad feeling about the one they took.
(b) She felt it offers better publicity.
(c) She was not quite ready to leave London.
(d) She missed the port call for Horace's ship because of a visit to the Queen.

5. In a letter which Carrie discusses, what does Cressida ask of Jerome?
(a) For him to invest more wisely.
(b) For him to go away with her and live quietly where she can rest.
(c) For him to stop making investments and losing her money.
(d) For a divorce.

6. What does Cressida tell others about why Bouchalka does not accompany her on tour in the Spring?
(a) He wants to oversee the house remodeling project.
(b) His mother is dying.
(c) He is in the midst of composing.
(d) He is becoming more and more ill.

7. How does Cressida realize she is recognized in the restaurant?
(a) Several people nod and wave at Cressida.
(b) Given the flourish with which the music begins, Cressida realizes that they have been recognized.
(c) The orchestra conductor asks Cressida to sing.
(d) The maitre'd brings a bottle of wine to the table from another customer.

8. How does Carrie view the letters from Cressida to family members?
(a) As the promise of a good inheritance.
(b) As testament to the dysfunction of Cressida's family members.
(c) As forgeries.
(d) As the writings of a fatigued, overworked woman.

9. As Bouchalka spends more time with Cressida, who is seen less often with her?
(a) Poppas.
(b) Harold.
(c) Carrie.
(d) The man she had been dating when she first met Bouchalka.

10. Why is the violin player rummaging through a pile of papers?
(a) Because the conductor asks the violin player for his resignation.
(b) Because he wanted to find a piece of music he wrote.
(c) Because he forgot his music.
(d) Because he wants to write Cressida a note.

11. What does Bouchalka do when he is twenty-one?
(a) Takes vows as a monk.
(b) Marries a German peasant girl.
(c) Joins a gypsy band and plays throughout Austria.
(d) Plays with the Paris Metro Opera.

12. Why do Carrie and Cressida send the carriage home?
(a) Because it's a lovely day and they want to stay out later.
(b) Because the driver insults them.
(c) Because one of the horses appears lame.
(d) They did not send the carriage home as the carriage never shows up.

13. Why does Bouchalka rush off from Cressida's party?
(a) He wants to quickly write down a composition that is in his head.
(b) He promised to pick up his younger sister and escort her home.
(c) He feels ill.
(d) He realizes he is late for work.

14. How does Carrie describe the violin player?
(a) An elderly gentleman in a tux.
(b) A young, tall, big-boned, and rugged looking young man.
(c) A young woman, likely just out of Julliard.
(d) A short, dark-haired young man with delicate features and eye patch.

15. How does Bouchalka justify his actions?
(a) By saying he had Cressida's good at heart.
(b) By saying his father did the same thing he did.
(c) By suggesting that his music was good even if she had influence in getting it performed.
(d) By saying he would have forgiven a similar transgression by Cressida.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much of a bequest goes to Poppas?

2. In what ways does Cressida help Bouchalka?

3. What about Jerome Brown does Cressida feel fortunate?

4. What does Blasius Bouchalka send Cressida?

5. Where does the bulk of Cressida's fortune lie?

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