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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Cressida think her sisters view her?
(a) As a fountain of wealth.
(b) As a bit of an airhead.
(c) As an angel from heaven.
(d) As a greedy woman who has amassed a fortune.

2. Who decides to end Cressida's third marriage?
(a) Her third husband.
(b) It was a mutual decision between Cressida and her third husband.
(c) Her son Horace blackmails Cressida to do so since he hated the third husband.
(d) Cressida.

3. How could Cressida's approach to her career be described?
(a) Cold and calculating.
(b) On again/off again enthusiasm.
(c) Winsome ways and dedicated work ethic.
(d) Slap happy.

4. Who are two relatives accompanying the famous singer?
(a) Miss Julia, her sister, and Harold, her son.
(b) Miss Jillian, her sister, and Horace, her son.
(c) Miss Julia, her sister, and Horace, her son.
(d) Miss Julia, her sister, and Homer, her son.

5. Of what does Cressida disapprove about her son?
(a) That he looks so much like a gangster in the way he dresses.
(b) That he isn't musically inclined.
(c) His gambling losses.
(d) His new fiance.

6. From what ailment does Poppas suffer?
(a) The bends.
(b) Facial neuralgia.
(c) Consumption.
(d) Arthritis.

7. What is the first occurrence in Cressida's life that Carrie describes as a string of bad luck?
(a) The death of Cressida's mother when Cressida is six.
(b) The suicide of her father.
(c) The death of a beloved dog.
(d) The death of her husband.

8. What is the narrator's relationship to the famous person who is boarding the cruise ship?
(a) Sister.
(b) Aunt.
(c) Sister-in-law.
(d) Best friend.

9. What is probably the most positive emotion that exists between Poppas and Julie?
(a) Appreciation.
(b) Indifference.
(c) Tolerance.
(d) Hatred.

10. Why do Cressida's sisters believe Poppas remains in Cressida's life?
(a) To make the sisters miserable.
(b) To keep Cressida safe from abusive husbands.
(c) To gain an inheritance.
(d) To benefit from her success.

11. What does Jerome supposedly convey to Cressida?
(a) The sense that he is eager to greet her in London.
(b) A secret code to give to some men in London.
(c) Information he had forgotten to tell her before she departed.
(d) His engagement of a private dining room on the ship.

12. How does Cressida explain her melancholy to Carrie?
(a) The prospect of her usualy seasickness.
(b) The cloudy, grey skies makes her melancholy.
(c) The sea air always briefly makes her melancholy.
(d) Melancholy is a genetic trait in her family tree.

13. To where does Poppas want to eventually retire?
(a) To southern Africa.
(b) To the Kalimari dessert.
(c) To a remote city in the middle of Asia.
(d) To the Southwest United States.

14. How does Cressida's trust in and loyalty to Poppas reflect some other aspect in her life?
(a) It may reflect the extent to which she lacks trust and loyalty in other parts of her life.
(b) It reflects the same relationship between Cressida and her son.
(c) It reflects the same relationship between Cressida and her sisters.
(d) It reflects the same relationship between Cressida and her husbands.

15. The fact that Cressida's third marriage is mentioned in passing, but not elaborated upon may be an example of what?
(a) Metaphor.
(b) Incompetent writing.
(c) Foreshadowing.
(d) Simile.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of child was Cressida?

2. When Cressida makes the statement in Part II that she "very nearly escaped her destiny," of what might this be an example?

3. Over whom does Cressida choose Poppas?

4. How might Cressida's health be described?

5. To whom does Carrie speak shortly after the ship is underway?

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