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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At what do Cressida's sisters marvel?
(a) At Cressida being able to go through her life "untouched by the breath of scandal."
(b) At the fact that Cressida raised Horace as a single woman.
(c) At Cressida's exceeding generosity.
(d) At Cressida's success in the entertainment world.

2. What type of child was Cressida?
(a) An extremely intelligent child.
(b) An engaging, happy child.
(c) A lonely, shy child.
(d) An aloof, fearful child.

3. How might one characterize Poppas?
(a) An extravagant wastrel.
(b) A dilettante.
(c) A man of simple habits.
(d) An addicted gambler.

4. Besides her accompanist, what else is Poppas to Cressida?
(a) Her coach.
(b) Her conscience.
(c) Her lover.
(d) Her mentor.

5. What in Cressida's life had scandalous potential?
(a) The numerous lovers Cressida has while married.
(b) The rumor that she has had affairs with women as well as men.
(c) The fact that Horace does not resemble his alleged father.
(d) Cressida's relationship with Poppas.

6. Who among Cressida's inner circle understands the source of her fortune?
(a) Lilly.
(b) Julia.
(c) Horace.
(d) Poppas.

7. Who are two relatives accompanying the famous singer?
(a) Miss Jillian, her sister, and Horace, her son.
(b) Miss Julia, her sister, and Harold, her son.
(c) Miss Julia, her sister, and Homer, her son.
(d) Miss Julia, her sister, and Horace, her son.

8. The fact that Cressida's third marriage is mentioned in passing, but not elaborated upon may be an example of what?
(a) Metaphor.
(b) Simile.
(c) Incompetent writing.
(d) Foreshadowing.

9. How could Poppas be described in relation to Cressida in a non-professional context?
(a) A true and loyal friend.
(b) Someone who wants only a professional relationship and nothing more.
(c) A con man.
(d) A gossip.

10. How do Carrie and Cressida first meet?
(a) In grammar school in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio.
(b) As college roommates.
(c) In their freshman year of high school.
(d) When their husbands were stationed together in the navy.

11. Who is Jerome Brown?
(a) Cressida's brother-in-law.
(b) Cressida's current fiance.
(c) Cressida's sixth husband.
(d) Cressida's other son.

12. What is Carrie's private thought about Horace's support of Cressida?
(a) Carrie wishes Horace were support Carrie's decision to come on the voyage.
(b) Horace's support can usually be easily bought.
(c) It is all show.
(d) Horace is the finest son a woman could hope to have.

13. How do Horace and Miss Julia act towards Carrie?
(a) They begin excitedly talking to her.
(b) They openly snub her.
(c) They only offer perfunctory greetings.
(d) They get up and hug her.

14. Of what does Cressida disapprove about her son?
(a) That he isn't musically inclined.
(b) His gambling losses.
(c) His new fiance.
(d) That he looks so much like a gangster in the way he dresses.

15. To what party is Cressida's father devoted?
(a) The Communist Party.
(b) The Green Party.
(c) The Democratic Party.
(d) The Republican Party.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Cressida's other sister who is not on the ship?

2. What is probably the most positive emotion that exists between Poppas and Julie?

3. What does Jerome supposedly convey to Cressida?

4. How do Cressida's sisters and son justify their greed?

5. What does the deck steward hand Cressida?

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