The Diamond Mine Character Descriptions

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Blasius Bouchalka - This character is Cressida's third husband, who cheats on her with Cressida's chef, Ruzenka. Cressida is drawn to his wildness when she first sees him in a restaurant leading an orchestra.

Jerome Brown - This character is Cressida Garnet's fourth and final husband, and the one who ages her the most.

Caroline - This character is the narrator and one of Cressida's few trusted friends.

Carrie - See Caroline.

Cressy - See Cressida Garnet.

Cressida Garnet - This character is a famous concert singer-- known for her seemingly inexhaustible energy and professionalism--who spends her entire life providing for others and eventually dies on the Titanic.

Miss Georgie Garnet - This character is one of Cressida's two sisters who is aggressive and intrusive. When Cressida dies, this character and Julia fight over Cressida's jewels and gowns.

Horace Garnet - This character is Cressida's only...

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