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Part 1

• As this story begins, there is a flurry of activity among some photographers, as Cressida Garnet, a famed singer, boards a cruise ship in New York City.

• The ship is headed to London, where Cressida has several appearances scheduled.

• The narrator thinks it is wise that Cressida oblige the photographers.

• Traveling with Cressida are her ever-present sister, Miss Julia, and twenty-two year old Horace, Cressida's only son.

• Additionally, Miletus Poppas, Cressida's long-time accompanist, is with the family.

• After the ship has left port and has been at sea for a few hours, Carrie comes upon Poppas on deck.

• They discuss Poppas' suffering of facial neuralgia and his desire to someday move to a warm, dry climate.

• As Carrie comes upon her friend, Cressida, Cressida rises from her lounge chair to greet her.

• Horace and Miss Julia only offer perfunctory greetings.

• Carrie and Cressida walk away so that...

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