Objects & Places from Devil on the Cross

Ngugi wa Thiong'o
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The Cross

This symbolizes the way that decolonization and independence has been an incomplete process.

National Dress

This is a symbol of the resistance of Kenyans against the colonial and imperial oppression. When Wariinga wears this, she is a symbol of that resistance.


These are symbols of capitalist thought. Businessman wear these to demonstrate their status and wealth and to copy Europeans.

Mwĩreri wa Mũkiraaĩ’s Sunglasses

These represent that this character is not who he seems to be and that he is hiding something.

Gatuĩria’s English

This represents cultural condition. Even though this character is against the cultural imperialism of the Western world, his language skills reveal how he himself has been conditioned.

Mũturi’s Blue Overalls

These symbolize the working class background of this character.

Warĩĩnga’s Appearance

This is a symbol of how this character is at first...

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