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Short Answer Questions

1. A man is shouting from the shore to Abbey and Newcomb about

2. When Abbey finally confronts Moon-Eye, he is

3. Abbey's concerns about preserving wilderness in this chapter are connected with

4. Abbey is wistful about leaving behind

5. We can assume that Abbey decides to set off to the mountains

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Abbey say, indirectly, about change?

2. What is the difference between Abbey's heat waves and a mirage?

3. Why does Abbey refer to himself as a true patriot?

4. Why do you think Abbey wants to own Moon-Eye?

5. What are a few good words that would describe Abbey's impression of the desert at this time of year, and at noon? Is there any other place, time, state of mind or being, to which this same set of words also applies?

6. Of what is Abbey reminded as he lay naked on top of Tukuhnikivats?

7. How does Abbey feel about leaving the desert and returning to the city?

8. Abbey mentions thinking the unthinkable as he drives through the desert past the Arches headquarters. To what is he referring?

9. Why was Abbey not interested in living with the Supai Havasu Indians?

10. Do you think Abbey intended to risk his life by spending the entire day trying to entice Moon-Eye to come to him.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The man-made lakes that have been developed by the federal government in the Arches parks are named after men who personally experienced those areas. Research and write about the two men after whom the major lakes have been named, and their contributions to the area. Do you feel their contributions are congruent with the projects that have been named in their honor? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Write a researched essay on the current state of the Arches. Has it been mined, drilled, dammed and cemented over, as Abbey dreaded and anticipated? Research, describe and evaluate the changes, and determine whether you feel they have improved the park. Explain your position.

Essay Topic 3

Could you, and would you, volunteer for a job through the summer in the desert, knowing the harsh conditions? Why do you think Edward Abbey deliberately, and more than once, took the Park Ranger job for the summer, which was clearly an extreme challenge? Is he a little crazy, as he notes? What does the experience provide him with, if anything?

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