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Short Answer Questions

1. Abbey will be allowed to drive the government truck

2. Edward attaches a red bandanna to a ridgepole in honor of

3. Viviano's English is about fifty percent

4. April mornings in the desert are

5. On his stomach, Abbey witnesses

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Abbey mean by "pox vobiscum," and "swinish politics?"

2. The author has arrived in Utah, having come from New Mexico. How different is the terrain in this new place from what he is accustomed to?

3. What concession does Abbey make to man's ingenuity when it comes to life in the desert?

4. What advantages did the government's Atomic Energy Commission have in finding uranium? Are they portrayed as a benificent agency?

5. How were the Park Service rules ambiguous as they were written in 1916?

6. How seriously is Abbey taking this government job?

7. What is one of the innate demands of industrial tourism?

8. Abbey seems to jump back and forth in time in his book. Where in this chapter does that first become obvious?

9. Discuss Abbey's relationship with the natural world as he watches the stars.

10. What does Abbey suggest should be done about the erosion of national parks?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There are hundreds of geographical features mentioned in Desert Solitaire. Make a table and list of all of the geographical features, look up their meanings and descriptions, and add images, if possible. Provide copies of your material to the class for reference as they read Desert Solitaire.

Essay Topic 2

The story of Moon-Eye reveals Abbey's compassion for animals. Write a researched essay about animal abuse in our country, and include detailed information on such groups as PETA and the SPCA, who try to protect animals from humans who neglect or abuse them. In your essay, explain your position regarding the ethical treatment of animals.

Essay Topic 3

Abbey feels that cowboys and Indians primarily make a living these days by presenting their images to the curious in shows and mimicry of the old West. In a researched essay, determine the size of the population of cowboys in our country today. Were Scobie and Viviano part of a dying breed? How has the cowboy's lifestyle changed since Abbey's time? Do they still raise cattle in this part of the country? If possible, try to contact a cowboy who resides in the Moab area, and interview him or her about his daily routine and how modern technology has affected his work.

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