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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The German who befriended Abbey was, in Abbey's opinion,
(a) A crazy Bavarian
(b) A naieve German
(c) A typical, common Nazi
(d) A Zionist

2. Major John Wesley Powell was the first to
(a) Explore the Colorado River and its environment
(b) A force in drowing Glen Canyon
(c) The government's advocate for the Hoover Dam
(d) The military force behind Lake Powell

3. Abbey's exploration of the Maze with Bob Waterman is
(a) Haphazard
(b) Ironic
(c) Impulsive
(d) Dangerous

4. Why does the sign instructing skiers to ski in a clockwise direction irk Edward Abbey?
(a) He wishes people would ski only on the snow
(b) He feels people should ski in both directions
(c) It is industrial tourism at its finest
(d) It is one more indication of freedom lost to government control

5. The group's reactions after the man is taken away involve
(a) Raucous partying
(b) Sad silence
(c) An introspective meditation
(d) Relief and humor

Short Answer Questions

1. Unlike Thoreau, Abbey's intention is to

2. Abbey is wistful about leaving behind

3. Abbey wants his readers to know that the desert is

4. Why does Abbey say he wants the wild horse, Moon-Eye?

5. When Abbey finally confronts Moon-Eye, he is

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the difference between Abbey's heat waves and a mirage?

2. Abbey does not speak highly of the man-made lakes on the Colorado. Why?

3. Why does Abbey refer to himself as a true patriot?

4. Do Abbey and Newcomb enjoy the "rapids" they encounter?

5. Why does Abbey persist in pursuing Moon-Eye when the heat and conditions have become quite uncomfortable for him?

6. Abbey mentions thinking the unthinkable as he drives through the desert past the Arches headquarters. To what is he referring?

7. What influences Abbey's final decision to abandon his quest for Moon-Eye?

8. Why do the men make jokes about the dead man?

9. Why does Abbey prefer the desert to other environments?

10. What are a few good words that would describe Abbey's impression of the desert at this time of year, and at noon? Is there any other place, time, state of mind or being, to which this same set of words also applies?

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