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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. All creatures in the desert at this time of year
(a) Eat whatever walks by
(b) Search for food in the late afternoon
(c) Stay in the shade as much as possible
(d) Live near water

2. The difference between the desert and other geographic areas is its
(a) Its level of tourism
(b) Its danger
(c) Its beauty in all seasons
(d) Its passivity and simplicity

3. Abbey likes the word, "Tukuhnikivats," which means
(a) Home of the Utes
(b) Where the sun lingers
(c) Where the Arches watch
(d) Queen of the LaSals

4. Abbey can be said to be a high-level
(a) Cynic
(b) Conservative
(c) Mormon
(d) Atheist

5. After Moon-Eye rushed Abbey and ran fifty feet away, Abbey waited on him for
(a) The rest of the afternoon
(b) Through the entire evening
(c) A full hour
(d) A few minutes longer

Short Answer Questions

1. Beyond the timberline Abbey observes

2. Abbey decides to climb Tukuhnikivats

3. Abbey studies the Colorado's tributaries on

4. Separating from other human beings feels to Abbey like

5. Abbey has been promised by a Mormon woman that he

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do the men make jokes about the dead man?

2. Do you think Abbey intended to risk his life by spending the entire day trying to entice Moon-Eye to come to him.

3. The poet to whom Abbey refers in this chapter when he says, "It was all foreseen a half century ago," is Robinson Jeffers, and his poem is entitled "Broken Balance." Why does Abbey not provide the reader with that information, when he has so adamantly laid out his reasoning and feelings for us in the previous paragraphs?

4. Why does Edward Abbey seemingly push the limits of safety by living in isolation and putting himself in dangerous situations?

5. Why does Abbey prefer the desert to other environments?

6. What influences Abbey's final decision to abandon his quest for Moon-Eye?

7. How does Abbey feel about leaving the desert and returning to the city?

8. What does Abbey say, indirectly, about change?

9. What is the difference between Abbey's heat waves and a mirage?

10. Of what is Abbey reminded as he lay naked on top of Tukuhnikivats?

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