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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the middle of the day on the desert, most of the birds
(a) Huddling in groups for shade
(b) Are muted and inactive
(c) Are busy looking for water
(d) Are taking advantage of slow moving insects

2. Abbey is wistful about leaving behind
(a) His cozy trailer
(b) His government pickup
(c) His job
(d) This valley of paradox

3. Separating from other human beings feels to Abbey like
(a) A stab of conscience
(b) Cutting the cord, a rebirth into primeval liberty
(c) A spiritual reckoning
(d) An unnatural act that will lead to loss

4. With Waterman, Abbey experiences his first attempt at
(a) Finding gravel water
(b) Rappelling
(c) Using a rope
(d) Deep hiking

5. Abbey has been promised by a Mormon woman that he
(a) Will be saved as a Mormon
(b) Will go to heaven with her
(c) Will finally come around to her way of praying
(d) Will always be an atheist

Short Answer Questions

1. The Havsupai are by nature

2. Moon-Eye's temperament was due to

3. Abbey decides to climb Tukuhnikivats

4. Abbey sees the value of wilderness, in a political sense, as

5. A large influx of tourists to the park is marked by

Short Essay Questions

1. Where is the heart of the desert, according to Abbey?

2. Of what is Abbey reminded as he lay naked on top of Tukuhnikivats?

3. What are a few good words that would describe Abbey's impression of the desert at this time of year, and at noon? Is there any other place, time, state of mind or being, to which this same set of words also applies?

4. If Abbey is somewhat indifferent to the death of a fellow human being, why would that be true?

5. Do Abbey and Newcomb enjoy the "rapids" they encounter?

6. Try to explain Abbey's rambling about naming things.

7. What influences Abbey's final decision to abandon his quest for Moon-Eye?

8. Do you think Edward Abbey is a fanatic? Is his fear of a future dictatorial regime unfounded?

9. Why do you think Abbey wants to own Moon-Eye?

10. Why does Abbey refer to himself as a true patriot?

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