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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Abbey cancels his plans for
(a) A ceremonious farewell
(b) A final campfire
(c) One more hike in the rocks
(d) A trip to the airport

2. The desert flowers in the month of May have
(a) Finally blossomed
(b) Flourished and are thriving
(c) Withered and gone to seed
(d) Been overwatered and are drowning

3. Abbey wants his readers to know that the desert is
(a) Cruel
(b) Unchanging
(c) Indifferent
(d) Vulnerable

4. Abbey's reference to the beavers building another dam is really about
(a) The busy park rangers
(b) The beavers that were imported into the park
(c) The federal government's new reservoir
(d) The tourists who have jammed up the river

5. The German who befriended Abbey was, in Abbey's opinion,
(a) A typical, common Nazi
(b) A crazy Bavarian
(c) A naieve German
(d) A Zionist

Short Answer Questions

1. Abbey's reaction to the man's manner of death is one of

2. All creatures in the desert at this time of year

3. Floating through the rapids leaves the two boaters

4. Abbey studies the Colorado's tributaries on

5. Abbey's concerns about preserving wilderness in this chapter are connected with

Short Essay Questions

1. Do Abbey and Newcomb enjoy the "rapids" they encounter?

2. Why does Abbey prefer the desert to other environments?

3. The trip down the Colorado for Abbey and Newcomb is blissful and idyllic. What, if any, is the dark side of this story?

4. Try to explain Abbey's rambling about naming things.

5. What is the difference between Abbey's heat waves and a mirage?

6. Do you think Abbey intended to risk his life by spending the entire day trying to entice Moon-Eye to come to him.

7. Where is the heart of the desert, according to Abbey?

8. Why does Abbey refer to himself as a true patriot?

9. How does Abbey feel about leaving the desert and returning to the city?

10. Abbey does not speak highly of the man-made lakes on the Colorado. Why?

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