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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Abbey suggests to Waterman that, perhaps, like a German poet, we humans
(a) Become lost in our thoughts
(b) Are unchangeable
(c) Become more concerned with the naming than the things named
(d) Do not exist without names

2. Abbey gets sidetracked to Havasu on his way to
(a) Denver
(b) New Mexico
(c) Moab
(d) Los Angeles

3. Edward Abbey and Johnny try to
(a) Console each other over the man's death
(b) Retrace the man's activities before he died
(c) Drag the man up to the coroner's vehicle
(d) Find vultures circling

4. To make it easier to maneuver the rubber raft, Abbey
(a) Gets hold of a second paddle
(b) Keeps one hand outside the boat
(c) Ties his boat to Newcomb's
(d) Leans back against the stern seats

5. Abbey feels the only real paradise is
(a) The here and now, and the real earth
(b) Moab, Utah
(c) The fantasy of skiing in unison
(d) The mythical Garden of Eden

Short Answer Questions

1. A large influx of tourists to the park is marked by

2. A man is shouting from the shore to Abbey and Newcomb about

3. Abbey sees the value of wilderness, in a political sense, as

4. In July, the surrounding mountains are almost

5. Separating from other human beings feels to Abbey like

Short Essay Questions

1. Where is the heart of the desert, according to Abbey?

2. If Abbey is somewhat indifferent to the death of a fellow human being, why would that be true?

3. What are a few good words that would describe Abbey's impression of the desert at this time of year, and at noon? Is there any other place, time, state of mind or being, to which this same set of words also applies?

4. Of what is Abbey reminded as he lay naked on top of Tukuhnikivats?

5. What influences Abbey's final decision to abandon his quest for Moon-Eye?

6. Why was Abbey not interested in living with the Supai Havasu Indians?

7. Abbey mentions thinking the unthinkable as he drives through the desert past the Arches headquarters. To what is he referring?

8. Do you think Edward Abbey is a fanatic? Is his fear of a future dictatorial regime unfounded?

9. Abbey gives us two facts in the early part of this chapter that make it clear that this trip was taken in a decade long-past. What is it?

10. Abbey does not speak highly of the man-made lakes on the Colorado. Why?

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