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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Abbey admits that he, too, is a member of
(a) The local grange
(b) A civilized tribe
(c) The human rat race
(d) Freeway traffic

2. Abbey is convinced that horses are
(a) Pack animals
(b) Meant to be subdued
(c) Meant to be broken
(d) Gregarious beings

3. Abbey and Newcomb are in denial about the
(a) The end of their trip
(b) Completion of the dam
(c) The friendship they have formed
(d) Their thirst

4. The desert winds of May have
(a) Brought huge thunderclouds
(b) Dried the river to a stream
(c) Cleaned out the flowers and debris
(d) Burned the green things to saffron and auburn

5. Abbey uses a piece of hollow cane to create a
(a) A new walking stick
(b) Siphon for getting water
(c) Pipe for tobacco
(d) A digging tool

Short Answer Questions

1. Under Abbey's ramada on a sunny day the temperature of 110 degrees is

2. Abbey can be said to be a high-level

3. In late summer the quietness, or somnolence of the desert leaves Abbey feeling

4. Abbey wishes that the tourists would get out of their vehicles and

5. The German who befriended Abbey was, in Abbey's opinion,

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