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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. April mornings in the desert are
(a) Bright, clear and calm
(b) Stormy
(c) Cold, windy and dusty
(d) Very windy

2. The locals in Moab's bars do not become violent, perhaps because
(a) They are afraid of one another
(b) They are good Mormons
(c) They are humbled by nature
(d) The beer is weak

3. The prickly pear cactus and its blossom exemplifies the
(a) Pain in nature
(b) The wild rose
(c) Unity of opposites
(d) The fierceness of the heat

4. Abbey describes the voice of the desert
(a) Moaning and crying
(b) Screaming through the cracks
(c) Whirling and shrieking
(d) Rising to a demented howl

5. The only stream that flows perennially through the park is
(a) A babbling creek behind his trailer
(b) Pepper Creek
(c) Too salty to be potable
(d) A rushing stream of snow melt

Short Answer Questions

1. Wood is petrified by

2. Abbey compares cultures of Indians and cowboys in that

3. On his stomach, Abbey witnesses

4. Why did Roy Scobie need to round up his cattle?

5. Viviano's English is about fifty percent

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Turnbow Cabin built?

2. How were the Park Service rules ambiguous as they were written in 1916?

3. How seriously is Abbey taking this government job?

4. What does Abbey suggest should be done about the erosion of national parks?

5. Abbey describes areas where one can find artifacts from Native Americans in the form of arrowheads and spearheads, made from obsidian. There is a law that prohibits removing stones from the national park. Do you think these artifacts can still be found in the "shady alcoves under canyon walls" in the Arches?

6. Discuss Abbey's relationship with the natural world as he watches the stars.

7. Explain why many of the petroglyphs are found in caves too high for us to reach.

8. What is one of the innate demands of industrial tourism?

9. How does the author project his own sensibilities onto the doves that he hears calling? Why?

10. Explain Abbey's reasoning that joy may support survival.

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