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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Wood is petrified by
(a) Pressure from cold springs
(b) Salt springs erosion
(c) Quicksand
(d) Hot silica-bearing waters

2. Thunderstorms come to the high desert in
(a) The middle of spring
(b) The first of October
(c) September 15
(d) July and August

3. Besides money, a reason for developing the parks is
(a) The cities are growing rapidly
(b) To accommodate a burgeoning population
(c) To explore the minerals and ores in the ground
(d) To allow closer inspection of nature

4. Edward Abbey is employed by the
(a) National Parks Service
(b) Moab County Parks Service
(c) Utah State Parks
(d) US Forest Service

5. What is the one clue we have that the lawyer who approached Mrs. Husk was representing the government?
(a) The emblem on his lighter
(b) His authorization to offer large amounts of money to her
(c) His knowledge of her husband's death
(d) His cufflinks

Short Answer Questions

1. Abbey describes the views from his trailer as

2. A badge gives Edward Abbey the authority to

3. Ten miles away past the highway, Abbey can see

4. Some ancient pictographs in the rocks depict

5. Abbey is paid a visit by

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Turnbow Cabin built?

2. Discuss how different the daily life of an pre-Columbian Native American was, as compared to the daily life of an American now.

3. What is Roy Scobie's problem?

4. What is an example of the primitive attitudes of Native Americans, as expressed by Abbey?

5. What are the two wild animals that Abbey has never seen in the Southwest?

6. How does Edward Abbey seem "polemic" in his views about national parks?

7. Discuss Abbey's relationship with the natural world as he watches the stars.

8. Abbey seems to jump back and forth in time in his book. Where in this chapter does that first become obvious?

9. Explain Abbey's description of the life cycle of the spadefoot toad.

10. Why does Abbey decide not to kill the rattlesnake under his doorstep?

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