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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Much of the fauna growing near Abbey's trailer is
(a) Pines and firs
(b) Sage and juniper
(c) Cactus and briars
(d) Weeds and reeds

2. Abbey calls the rampant development of national parks
(a) Restitution
(b) Nationalism
(c) Industrial Tourism
(d) Reclamation

3. Wood is petrified by
(a) Quicksand
(b) Hot silica-bearing waters
(c) Pressure from cold springs
(d) Salt springs erosion

4. Visiting Moab on Wednesdays, Edward Abbey deduces that the men in the beer joints have been
(a) Active and working alone all day
(b) Are poor miners
(c) Working as park rangers all day
(d) In town for most of the day

5. Abbey describes the views from his trailer as
(a) Open and perfect
(b) Cozy and protected
(c) Somewhat frightening
(d) Cold and stark

Short Answer Questions

1. The story of Husk, Graham and Billy-Joe is obviously

2. Viviano Jacquez' nationality is

3. Delicate Arch has been eroded by

4. What does Abbey feel is lost with the looting of the forests' natural treasures?

5. Abbey is paid a visit by

Short Essay Questions

1. Is it beneficial to the Navajos that their population is increasing?

2. How seriously is Abbey taking this government job?

3. Discuss Abbey's relationship with the natural world as he watches the stars.

4. Explain Abbey's vague contempt for human beings that emerges in this chapter.

5. What is Roy Scobie's problem?

6. Explain Abbey's description of the life cycle of the spadefoot toad.

7. What does Abbey mean by "pox vobiscum," and "swinish politics?"

8. Why would the obsidian shards be named "Apache tears?"

9. Why does Abbey kill a wild rabbit?

10. The author has arrived in Utah, having come from New Mexico. How different is the terrain in this new place from what he is accustomed to?

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