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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The natural wonder that Edward is able to see in his new location is
(a) Painted Desert
(b) Grand Canyon
(c) Colorado Mesa
(d) The Arches National Monument

2. Why did Abbey's friend from Cleveland think the desert would be a better place if it had water?
(a) Because it would be a better tourist attraction
(b) Because it would be greener
(c) Because it would be more beautiful
(d) Because more people could live there

3. Hundreds of years ago, Anasazi hunters left behind
(a) Cave dwellings
(b) Petroglyphs
(c) Animal hides
(d) Flint arrowheads

4. The irony of Roy Scobie's death was that
(a) His death was harder than he had feared
(b) He fell off of a horse like he expected
(c) He was carefree about life
(d) What he feared the most actually took place

5. Eating inside the trailer makes Abbey remember
(a) His childhood
(b) His mortal nature
(c) All he has left behind
(d) His parents

Short Answer Questions

1. Abbey sees as a nuisance the presence in the desert of

2. Who comes out ahead in Abbey's story about Husk and Graham?

3. Visiting Moab on Wednesdays, Edward Abbey deduces that the men in the beer joints have been

4. Abbey feels if you have reached the point of needing moisture from the barrel cactus

5. To spend time outside the trailer, Abbey builds

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Abbey's watch seem absurd to him?

2. Abbey describes areas where one can find artifacts from Native Americans in the form of arrowheads and spearheads, made from obsidian. There is a law that prohibits removing stones from the national park. Do you think these artifacts can still be found in the "shady alcoves under canyon walls" in the Arches?

3. What are the two wild animals that Abbey has never seen in the Southwest?

4. Where in this chapter does Abbey foreshadow a story involving quicksand?

5. Why would the obsidian shards be named "Apache tears?"

6. Explain why Abbey prefers not to use a flashlight in the dark.

7. What is Viviano Jacquez's problem?

8. What concession does Abbey make to man's ingenuity when it comes to life in the desert?

9. Abbey mentions that both men he meets are married and have children. Can we assume Abbey is neither? Why or why not?

10. How does Abbey get rid of the rattlesnakes?

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