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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mr. Bates complains to Edward about
(a) Administrative paperwork
(b) The long distances he travels
(c) The head ranger
(d) The lonliness of their jobs

2. Why was the government interested in the Arches national park area?
(a) It is a source of uranium
(b) Death Valley is a high security area for testing
(c) Its wealth of silver mines
(d) It provides a natural bridge to the east

3. Onion Spring, northeast of Moab, is
(a) Slightly salty but good
(b) Full of gold
(c) Poison with arsenic
(d) Clear and drinkable

4. Roy Scobie is known for being frugal with
(a) Time
(b) Wives
(c) Water
(d) Food

5. Abbey will be responsible for providing the campsites with
(a) Garbage receptacles
(b) Toilet paper
(c) Firewood
(d) Fireplaces

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Abbey saying about the area in the Graham and Husk story?

2. When a person is in the desert long enough he learns to

3. Edward's part thought in this chapter is that

4. Just before he heard a jeep approaching, Abbey saw a

5. Viviano is infected by the poison of

Short Essay Questions

1. How were the Park Service rules ambiguous as they were written in 1916?

2. What advantages did the government's Atomic Energy Commission have in finding uranium? Are they portrayed as a benificent agency?

3. How does Abbey feel about leaving the desert and returning to the city?

4. What influences Abbey's final decision to abandon his quest for Moon-Eye?

5. Discuss Abbey's relationship with the natural world as he watches the stars.

6. Abbey does not speak highly of the man-made lakes on the Colorado. Why?

7. Abbey mentions that both men he meets are married and have children. Can we assume Abbey is neither? Why or why not?

8. Why do you think Abbey wants to own Moon-Eye?

9. Try to explain Abbey's rambling about naming things.

10. What are a few good words that would describe Abbey's impression of the desert at this time of year, and at noon? Is there any other place, time, state of mind or being, to which this same set of words also applies?

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