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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Abbey will be allowed to drive the government truck
(a) Once a week to headquarters and Moab
(b) Twice a month to inspect the Arches
(c) Once a month out into the desert for exploration
(d) Once a week to the Yellow Cat Badlands

2. When raising his American flag, Edward wishes
(a) Good fortune to all wildlife
(b) Good luck to everyone
(c) Good luck to his friends at headquarters
(d) Good fortune to both sides

3. Why did Abbey's friend from Cleveland think the desert would be a better place if it had water?
(a) Because it would be more beautiful
(b) Because more people could live there
(c) Because it would be greener
(d) Because it would be a better tourist attraction

4. Salty water cannot sustain human life because
(a) It mixes with blood and makes it too salty
(b) It causes the body to become even more dehydrated
(c) It causes severe head pain
(d) It shrinks the arteries

5. Where once in the Arches Park there were only used newspapers to catch up on the news,
(a) There is a movie theatre
(b) There is a local newscaster at the station
(c) There is a computerized subway
(d) There are now televisions in recreational vehicles

6. The natural wonder that Edward is able to see in his new location is
(a) The Arches National Monument
(b) Colorado Mesa
(c) Painted Desert
(d) Grand Canyon

7. Indian artifacts in the national forest are
(a) Protected by law
(b) Causing litter and debris
(c) Free for the picking
(d) Abundant

8. Abbey sees as a nuisance the presence in the desert of
(a) Foxes, wolves and bobcats
(b) Scorpions, tarantulas, centipedes and black widows
(c) Rodents such as rats, mice and squirrels
(d) Snakes, lizards and gophers

9. Abbey had no fear of drowning in the Havasupai Canyon floor's stream because
(a) It was only ankle deep
(b) It was only a mirage
(c) He intended to drink it all
(d) It was salty and made him bouyant

10. Edward Abbey is living in isolation,
(a) A hundred miles from his home
(b) Fifty miles from the city
(c) Twenty miles from another human
(d) Five miles from the ranger station

11. What is the one clue we have that the lawyer who approached Mrs. Husk was representing the government?
(a) The emblem on his lighter
(b) His cufflinks
(c) His authorization to offer large amounts of money to her
(d) His knowledge of her husband's death

12. The yucca plant is pollinated by
(a) A bee
(b) A butterfly
(c) A hummingbird
(d) A moth

13. On his stomach, Abbey witnesses
(a) The retreat of the snakes from his cabin
(b) The mating dance of two bull snakes
(c) The burrowing of two snakes
(d) A fight between two rattlesnakes

14. The loveliest, and sweet as a pretty girl, in Abbey's opinion, is
(a) Hedgehog cactus
(b) Prickly pear
(c) Cliff rose
(d) Globemallow

15. The story of Husk, Graham and Billy-Joe is obviously
(a) An experience Abbey personally had
(b) A detailed account of a local legend
(c) A fairy tale, at best
(d) Heavily embellished by Abbey

Short Answer Questions

1. Viviano's English is about fifty percent

2. April mornings in the desert are

3. Quicksand is simply

4. "Apache Tears" are actually

5. Edward is overcome with a desire to

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