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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The government survey crew came with plans to
(a) Lay out a new road into the Arches
(b) Construct additional campsites
(c) Rebuild the ranger station
(d) Build a new winter resort

2. The clarity of the desert is illustrated in the desert's flora and fauna
(a) The heat and rock
(b) The lack of life
(c) The danger in the plant forms
(d) The uncrowded openness

3. "Apache Tears" are actually
(a) Dripping springs from the mountains
(b) Crystals found in obscure caves
(c) Arrowheads made from obsidian
(d) Hidden crystals in oval rocks

4. Abbey calls the rampant development of national parks
(a) Restitution
(b) Industrial Tourism
(c) Nationalism
(d) Reclamation

5. Why was the government interested in the Arches national park area?
(a) Death Valley is a high security area for testing
(b) It provides a natural bridge to the east
(c) Its wealth of silver mines
(d) It is a source of uranium

6. The difference between Navajos and other poverty-stricken cultures is
(a) They must report their medical services to the government
(b) They are inadequate by national standards
(c) They are overseen by the BIA
(d) Their population growth is monitored by the state

7. Edward Abbey is living in isolation,
(a) A hundred miles from his home
(b) Fifty miles from the city
(c) Five miles from the ranger station
(d) Twenty miles from another human

8. The only stream that flows perennially through the park is
(a) A rushing stream of snow melt
(b) A babbling creek behind his trailer
(c) Pepper Creek
(d) Too salty to be potable

9. What is Abbey saying about the area in the Graham and Husk story?
(a) That greed will kill people
(b) That nature is far more powerful than man
(c) That not all men are equal
(d) That a child was killed unnecesssarily

10. Abbey is paid a visit by
(a) Firemen from the nearby forest
(b) The local water delivery company
(c) Other Parks Service employees
(d) Rangers from the Forest Service

11. Eating inside the trailer makes Abbey remember
(a) All he has left behind
(b) His parents
(c) His mortal nature
(d) His childhood

12. Where once in the Arches Park there were only used newspapers to catch up on the news,
(a) There is a movie theatre
(b) There is a local newscaster at the station
(c) There are now televisions in recreational vehicles
(d) There is a computerized subway

13. What does Abbey feel is lost with the looting of the forests' natural treasures?
(a) A sense of prosperity
(b) Protection from erosion
(c) Homes for wildlife
(d) Human delight

14. The prickly pear cactus and its blossom exemplifies the
(a) Pain in nature
(b) Unity of opposites
(c) The fierceness of the heat
(d) The wild rose

15. Some ancient pictographs in the rocks depict
(a) Flying dinosaurs
(b) Violent acts of nature
(c) Semi-human and super-human people
(d) Space aliens that look like humans

Short Answer Questions

1. Wood is petrified by

2. The small cloud on Abbey's horizon is

3. April mornings in the desert are

4. Thunderstorms come to the high desert in

5. A civil engineer believes a road will help

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