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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Roy Scobie is known for being frugal with
(a) Wives
(b) Food
(c) Time
(d) Water

2. April mornings in the desert are
(a) Bright, clear and calm
(b) Cold, windy and dusty
(c) Very windy
(d) Stormy

3. Abbey had no fear of drowning in the Havasupai Canyon floor's stream because
(a) It was only a mirage
(b) He intended to drink it all
(c) It was only ankle deep
(d) It was salty and made him bouyant

4. Abbey wonders if a man could get used to
(a) Going without water
(b) Digging for water
(c) Melting snow for water
(d) Drinking from Salt Creek

5. The difference between Navajos and other poverty-stricken cultures is
(a) They must report their medical services to the government
(b) Their population growth is monitored by the state
(c) They are overseen by the BIA
(d) They are inadequate by national standards

6. When raising his American flag, Edward wishes
(a) Good fortune to both sides
(b) Good fortune to all wildlife
(c) Good luck to his friends at headquarters
(d) Good luck to everyone

7. An arroyo seco is
(a) A mesa with a view
(b) A ramada
(c) A dry stream bed
(d) A rushing river

8. Abbey will be allowed to drive the government truck
(a) Once a week to the Yellow Cat Badlands
(b) Once a week to headquarters and Moab
(c) Twice a month to inspect the Arches
(d) Once a month out into the desert for exploration

9. Abbey describes the scene he observes as
(a) A tapestry of rocks and dirt
(b) One of God's miracles
(c) A monstrous and inhuman spectacle
(d) A barren wasteland

10. When he sees a rattlesnake, Abbey reminds himself
(a) He would rather kill a snake than a human
(b) Humans are more important than wildlife
(c) It is his job to protect life within the park boundaries
(d) Snakes are vermin and could kill him

11. The physical comforts in his trailer include
(a) Garbage disposal
(b) Cable TV
(c) Running water
(d) Gas fireplace

12. Visiting Moab on Wednesdays, Edward Abbey deduces that the men in the beer joints have been
(a) Working as park rangers all day
(b) Are poor miners
(c) Active and working alone all day
(d) In town for most of the day

13. Edward's new home is a simple
(a) Trailer
(b) Mobile Home
(c) Camper
(d) Tent

14. The government's attempt to transform Navajos to middle class Americans is called
(a) Elitism
(b) Adjustment
(c) Assimilation
(d) Prejudice

15. The small cloud on Abbey's horizon is
(a) Prostitutes
(b) Unemployment
(c) Progress
(d) Homebrew

Short Answer Questions

1. Abbey compares cultures of Indians and cowboys in that

2. Abbey says, after a million years of neglect,

3. Abbey is adamant about the Navajos' inability to adapt to

4. Abbey describes the voice of the desert

5. West of the Mississippi, Abbey says the cult of "cowboyism" is growing as fast as

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