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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17 Terra Incognita: Into the Maze.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Abbey had no fear of drowning in the Havasupai Canyon floor's stream because
(a) It was salty and made him bouyant
(b) It was only a mirage
(c) It was only ankle deep
(d) He intended to drink it all

2. What is the one clue we have that the lawyer who approached Mrs. Husk was representing the government?
(a) The emblem on his lighter
(b) His knowledge of her husband's death
(c) His cufflinks
(d) His authorization to offer large amounts of money to her

3. The heat of the desert makes objects appear
(a) As if they are moving
(b) As if they are blurred and on fire
(c) As if they are invisible
(d) As if they are covered in water

4. Edward Abbey is employed by the
(a) Utah State Parks
(b) Moab County Parks Service
(c) National Parks Service
(d) US Forest Service

5. Edward attaches a red bandanna to a ridgepole in honor of
(a) Mothers' Day
(b) May Day
(c) Spring Solstice
(d) April Fools' Day

Short Answer Questions

1. Abbey's concerns about preserving wilderness in this chapter are connected with

2. Abbey's campsite is

3. In July, the surrounding mountains are almost

4. Geodes are prevalent in these areas. They are

5. Water has not created the arches, but they are instead carved by

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