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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15 Tukuhnikivats, the Island in the Desert.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Abbey's complaint about a flashlight is that
(a) It isolates his image in the dark
(b) The light is such a small sphere
(c) It separates a man from the world around him
(d) It creates an artificial sense of safety

2. All creatures in the desert at this time of year
(a) Stay in the shade as much as possible
(b) Live near water
(c) Eat whatever walks by
(d) Search for food in the late afternoon

3. A medicinal property of the buckbrush is that of
(a) Mint
(b) Saponaria
(c) Quinine
(d) Disinfectant

4. Abbey's concerns about preserving wilderness in this chapter are connected with
(a) His lack of patriotism
(b) His concern about personal liberties
(c) His fear of civilization
(d) His attitude toward vegetarianism

5. Edward Abbey's solution to preventing rattlesnakes is
(a) To scare them away with his walking stick
(b) To capture and domesticate a gopher snake
(c) To shoot them with his British Webley .45
(d) To feed them the mice in his trailer

Short Answer Questions

1. Wood is petrified by

2. Viviano does not understand

3. Roy Scobie is known for being frugal with

4. Abbey feels the only real paradise is

5. Lloyd Pierson is

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