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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15 Tukuhnikivats, the Island in the Desert.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The clarity of the desert is illustrated in the desert's flora and fauna
(a) The lack of life
(b) The uncrowded openness
(c) The danger in the plant forms
(d) The heat and rock

2. The meaning of Abbey's words, "claritas, integritas, veritas" can be found in this quote:
(a) To meet God or Medusa face to face, even if it means risking everything human in myself
(b) Paradox and bedrock.
(c) I am confront, immediately and directly if it's possible, the bare bones of existence
(d) ...the desert reveals itself nakedly and cruelly, with no meaning but its own existnece

3. The reason for the growth of Indian population in the southwest is due to
(a) Pediatricians
(b) Medical science
(c) Stronger morals
(d) Vitamin supplements

4. Vernon Pick managed to sufficiently purify his water by
(a) Turning his canteen into a charcoal filter
(b) Filtering the water through gravel
(c) Pouring water through thick brush before drinking
(d) Running water through sand before drinking

5. To make it easier to maneuver the rubber raft, Abbey
(a) Keeps one hand outside the boat
(b) Gets hold of a second paddle
(c) Ties his boat to Newcomb's
(d) Leans back against the stern seats

Short Answer Questions

1. Under Abbey's ramada on a sunny day the temperature of 110 degrees is

2. When he sees a rattlesnake, Abbey reminds himself

3. When Abbey finally confronts Moon-Eye, he is

4. Abbey and Newcomb are in denial about the

5. The prickly pear cactus and its blossom exemplifies the

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