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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15 Tukuhnikivats, the Island in the Desert.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why were the little calves terrified during the roundup?
(a) They were afraid of the ropes and brand
(b) They did not know where they were headed
(c) They were being separated from their mothers
(d) They had never seen a human

2. Any cow found without a brand
(a) Is taken immediately to the slaughterhouse
(b) Belongs to the finder
(c) Is put in a corral of strays
(d) Is left for the next rancher

3. Edward is overcome with a desire to
(a) Eat breakfast and walk the desert
(b) Trap the mice and return them to the desert
(c) Climb the mountain peaks in the distance
(d) Know and possess the scene around him

4. Abbey's complaint about a flashlight is that
(a) It creates an artificial sense of safety
(b) The light is such a small sphere
(c) It separates a man from the world around him
(d) It isolates his image in the dark

5. Eating inside the trailer makes Abbey remember
(a) His childhood
(b) All he has left behind
(c) His parents
(d) His mortal nature

Short Answer Questions

1. Fred Burkett's favorite hiding place to watch for speeders was

2. Separating from other human beings feels to Abbey like

3. What reigns in the desert on this late-spring day is

4. What is the one clue we have that the lawyer who approached Mrs. Husk was representing the government?

5. The physical comforts in his trailer include

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