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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12 Down the River.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The sounds of the mourning doves suggests to Edward
(a) An attempt to communicate with him
(b) An attempt to restore a lost communion
(c) Their sadness over the isolation of the desert
(d) Their oneness with the other desert creatures

2. Scobie is only able to sleep
(a) On quicksand
(b) On desert sand
(c) In a cot
(d) On rock

3. Abbey often mentions tamarisks. A tamarisk is a
(a) Tree with pink plumes
(b) A wild animal related to the wolf
(c) A soaring, large-winged bird
(d) A lake in the canyon

4. What were Husk and Graham hoping for?
(a) A natural life for the boy
(b) A nature experience
(c) Riches through uranium
(d) A new wife

5. What does Abbey feel is lost with the looting of the forests' natural treasures?
(a) Protection from erosion
(b) A sense of prosperity
(c) Human delight
(d) Homes for wildlife

Short Answer Questions

1. Abbey's complaint about a flashlight is that

2. On his stomach, Abbey witnesses

3. Where once in the Arches Park there were only used newspapers to catch up on the news,

4. Much of the fauna growing near Abbey's trailer is

5. Geodes are prevalent in these areas. They are

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