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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12 Down the River.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To make it easier to maneuver the rubber raft, Abbey
(a) Gets hold of a second paddle
(b) Ties his boat to Newcomb's
(c) Leans back against the stern seats
(d) Keeps one hand outside the boat

2. "Apache Tears" are actually
(a) Arrowheads made from obsidian
(b) Hidden crystals in oval rocks
(c) Crystals found in obscure caves
(d) Dripping springs from the mountains

3. Abbey's complaint about a flashlight is that
(a) It separates a man from the world around him
(b) The light is such a small sphere
(c) It creates an artificial sense of safety
(d) It isolates his image in the dark

4. Thunderstorms come to the high desert in
(a) September 15
(b) The middle of spring
(c) The first of October
(d) July and August

5. A badge gives Edward Abbey the authority to
(a) Carry a weapon
(b) Arrest malefactors and evildoers
(c) Imprison animals he thinks may be dangerous
(d) Arrest trespassers who hike out of bounds

Short Answer Questions

1. Abbey calls the rampant development of national parks

2. Water has not created the arches, but they are instead carved by

3. The desert winds of May have

4. Abbey tries to convince Moon-Eye to come with by telling him a story about

5. Abbey will be responsible for providing the campsites with

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