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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8 Cowboys and Indians Part II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Abbey says, after a million years of neglect,
(a) The sandstone arches have dissolved
(b) People have taken all the animals from the wilderness
(c) The Park has worn down to nothing
(d) Progress has come to the Arches

2. The story of Husk, Graham and Billy-Joe is obviously
(a) A detailed account of a local legend
(b) An experience Abbey personally had
(c) A fairy tale, at best
(d) Heavily embellished by Abbey

3. Edward attaches a red bandanna to a ridgepole in honor of
(a) April Fools' Day
(b) Mothers' Day
(c) May Day
(d) Spring Solstice

4. A medicinal property of the buckbrush is that of
(a) Saponaria
(b) Disinfectant
(c) Quinine
(d) Mint

5. What kind of tool can detect the presence of uranium?
(a) A mining meter
(b) A Geiger counter
(c) A Vanadium sensor
(d) A radiation detector

Short Answer Questions

1. Some ancient pictographs in the rocks depict

2. West of the Mississippi, Abbey says the cult of "cowboyism" is growing as fast as

3. The only stream that flows perennially through the park is

4. Edward's new home is a simple

5. Abbey will be responsible for providing the campsites with

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