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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8 Cowboys and Indians Part II.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Viviano is infected by the poison of
(a) Rattlesnakes
(b) Black Widows
(c) Prejudice
(d) Fear

2. The only stream that flows perennially through the park is
(a) Too salty to be potable
(b) Pepper Creek
(c) A babbling creek behind his trailer
(d) A rushing stream of snow melt

3. Abbey describes the voice of the desert
(a) Whirling and shrieking
(b) Rising to a demented howl
(c) Moaning and crying
(d) Screaming through the cracks

4. The government's attempt to transform Navajos to middle class Americans is called
(a) Prejudice
(b) Adjustment
(c) Elitism
(d) Assimilation

5. The government survey crew came with plans to
(a) Construct additional campsites
(b) Lay out a new road into the Arches
(c) Build a new winter resort
(d) Rebuild the ranger station

Short Answer Questions

1. Edward's part thought in this chapter is that

2. Viviano Jacquez' nationality is

3. Eating inside the trailer makes Abbey remember

4. Wood is petrified by

5. Why was the government interested in the Arches national park area?

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