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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5 Polemic: Industrial Tourism and the National Parks.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Abbey says, after a million years of neglect,
(a) The sandstone arches have dissolved
(b) People have taken all the animals from the wilderness
(c) Progress has come to the Arches
(d) The Park has worn down to nothing

2. On his stomach, Abbey witnesses
(a) The retreat of the snakes from his cabin
(b) A fight between two rattlesnakes
(c) The burrowing of two snakes
(d) The mating dance of two bull snakes

3. Abbey calls the rampant development of national parks
(a) Reclamation
(b) Restitution
(c) Industrial Tourism
(d) Nationalism

4. The government survey crew came with plans to
(a) Construct additional campsites
(b) Lay out a new road into the Arches
(c) Rebuild the ranger station
(d) Build a new winter resort

5. The clarity of the desert is illustrated in the desert's flora and fauna
(a) The danger in the plant forms
(b) The uncrowded openness
(c) The lack of life
(d) The heat and rock

Short Answer Questions

1. Abbey describes the voice of the desert

2. Abbey describes the scene he observes as

3. Edward is able to hear, but not see

4. Abbey speculates that the mourning doves' call may be

5. A civil engineer believes a road will help

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