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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5 Polemic: Industrial Tourism and the National Parks.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Edward Abbey's garden is
(a) All that lies around him
(b) A vegetable garden behind the trailer
(c) A stand of locoweed
(d) A flower garden in front of the porch

2. A badge gives Edward Abbey the authority to
(a) Arrest malefactors and evildoers
(b) Imprison animals he thinks may be dangerous
(c) Carry a weapon
(d) Arrest trespassers who hike out of bounds

3. A medicinal property of the buckbrush is that of
(a) Disinfectant
(b) Saponaria
(c) Mint
(d) Quinine

4. Edward Abbey is living in isolation,
(a) Fifty miles from the city
(b) Five miles from the ranger station
(c) Twenty miles from another human
(d) A hundred miles from his home

5. On his stomach, Abbey witnesses
(a) The mating dance of two bull snakes
(b) The burrowing of two snakes
(c) A fight between two rattlesnakes
(d) The retreat of the snakes from his cabin

Short Answer Questions

1. April mornings in the desert are

2. Edward describes the colors of dawn in terms of

3. Edward wants to stop attributing human qualities to nature, which is called

4. Blossoming near the shed behind Abbey's trailer is a dazzling

5. Abbey sees as a nuisance the presence in the desert of

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