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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5 Polemic: Industrial Tourism and the National Parks.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A medicinal property of the buckbrush is that of
(a) Mint
(b) Quinine
(c) Saponaria
(d) Disinfectant

2. The physical comforts in his trailer include
(a) Garbage disposal
(b) Cable TV
(c) Running water
(d) Gas fireplace

3. Delicate Arch has been eroded by
(a) Rain pounding the Arch
(b) Human feet climbing the Arch
(c) Machinery working around the Arch
(d) Animals inhabiting the Arch

4. The loveliest, and sweet as a pretty girl, in Abbey's opinion, is
(a) Prickly pear
(b) Globemallow
(c) Cliff rose
(d) Hedgehog cactus

5. Abbey's complaint about a flashlight is that
(a) It separates a man from the world around him
(b) It creates an artificial sense of safety
(c) It isolates his image in the dark
(d) The light is such a small sphere

Short Answer Questions

1. Ten miles away past the highway, Abbey can see

2. Abbey will be responsible for providing the campsites with

3. The only stream that flows perennially through the park is

4. Abbey enjoys the playful antics of the

5. Edward Abbey is living in isolation,

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