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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3 The Serpents of Paradise.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Abbey enjoys the playful antics of the
(a) Crows
(b) Mourning Doves
(c) Bald eagles
(d) Pinyon jays

2. The physical comforts in his trailer include
(a) Running water
(b) Cable TV
(c) Garbage disposal
(d) Gas fireplace

3. Abbey will be allowed to drive the government truck
(a) Once a week to headquarters and Moab
(b) Once a month out into the desert for exploration
(c) Twice a month to inspect the Arches
(d) Once a week to the Yellow Cat Badlands

4. The unexpected guests in Edward's new home include
(a) Mice
(b) Insects
(c) Bats
(d) Spiders

5. Abbey wonders if a man could get used to
(a) Drinking from Salt Creek
(b) Digging for water
(c) Melting snow for water
(d) Going without water

Short Answer Questions

1. Edward's part thought in this chapter is that

2. Edward Abbey is living in isolation,

3. Edward describes the colors of dawn in terms of

4. The sounds of the mourning doves suggests to Edward

5. Abbey describes the scene he observes as

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