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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7 Cowboys and Indians.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The irony of Roy Scobie's death was that
(a) He was carefree about life
(b) What he feared the most actually took place
(c) He fell off of a horse like he expected
(d) His death was harder than he had feared

2. The natural wonder that Edward is able to see in his new location is
(a) The Arches National Monument
(b) Grand Canyon
(c) Colorado Mesa
(d) Painted Desert

3. Wood is petrified by
(a) Pressure from cold springs
(b) Salt springs erosion
(c) Quicksand
(d) Hot silica-bearing waters

4. The only stream that flows perennially through the park is
(a) Pepper Creek
(b) A babbling creek behind his trailer
(c) Too salty to be potable
(d) A rushing stream of snow melt

5. Edward attaches a red bandanna to a ridgepole in honor of
(a) April Fools' Day
(b) Spring Solstice
(c) May Day
(d) Mothers' Day

Short Answer Questions

1. Abbey describes the views from his trailer as

2. Ten miles away past the highway, Abbey can see

3. The locals in Moab's bars do not become violent, perhaps because

4. Edward describes the colors of dawn in terms of

5. Roy Scobie is a rancher obsessed with

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