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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14 The Dead Man at Grandview Point.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Abbey feels if you have reached the point of needing moisture from the barrel cactus
(a) You have reached the pinnacle of survival
(b) You are a true cowboy
(c) You are ready for life as a pioneer
(d) You are doomed

2. Abbey's reaction to the man's manner of death is one of
(a) Fear of going the same way
(b) Congratulatory envy
(c) Anger for his carelessness
(d) Revulsion at the sight

3. The small cloud on Abbey's horizon is
(a) Homebrew
(b) Progress
(c) Prostitutes
(d) Unemployment

4. Since the visit from the government workers, The Arches Park has
(a) Closed down to outsiders
(b) Turned into a village
(c) Become a parking lot for RVs
(d) Grown into a huge tourist attraction

5. Edward Abbey filled his canteen in the Needles country
(a) Quickly and greedily
(b) From a salty spring
(c) One drop per second
(d) From the rushing Colorado

Short Answer Questions

1. Visiting Moab on Wednesdays, Edward Abbey deduces that the men in the beer joints have been

2. An arroyo seco is

3. The man who has initiated the search is the deceased man's

4. A civil engineer believes a road will help

5. Why did Abbey's friend from Cleveland think the desert would be a better place if it had water?

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