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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 The First Morning)


Chapter 1 The First Morning

The objective of this lesson is to consider whether we have a heightened sense of reality upon first waking in the morning. Edward Abbey awakes in a new place devoid of anything familiar to him.


1. If possible, darken the classroom totally, and ask the students to get comfortable and sit silently for ten full minutes. Try to avoid any outside noises if possible. When the five minutes are up, have a class discussion about what the students felt and thought about during their quiet time. Ask who found the silence helpful and who did not, and why.

2, Tomorrow morning plan to wake up at least a half hour earlier than you normally do. If possible, step outside and notice what is around you - how the air feels, the sounds, smells, light, whether the stars or moon are still visible, and...

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