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Chapter 1 The First Morning

• Edward Abbey arrives at Moab, Utah, after driving 450 miles from Albuquerque, NM, to start his job as a park ranger at the 33,000-acre Arches National Monument.

• Abbey settles into the trailer provided for him and watches the sun come up.

• Seeing ravens and hearing mice reminds Abbey he is not entirely alone. The sun comes up and snow begins to melt as he drinks his morning coffee.

Chapter 2 Solitaire

• Other park employees bring Abbey water and equipment for his stay and he invites them to stay for dinner, but they decline.

• The author eats his dinner outside, cooked over a fire.

• Abbey turns off the lights and generator, and enjoys his solitude.

Chapter 3 The Serpents of Paradise

• Abbey enjoys the mornings on his porch with feet outside.

• A rattlesnake visits Abbey and he tosses it away with a spade, realizing that the mice in...

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