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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Pistorius want to live among as a priest
(a) Non believers
(b) Families
(c) Angels
(d) Believers

2. What does Sinclair want to study at university?
(a) Psychology
(b) Religion
(c) Film
(d) Philosophy

3. Who follows Sinclair home?
(a) Knaurer
(b) Demian
(c) Kromer
(d) Beatrice

4. Why does Sinclair like Nietzsche?
(a) He has a nice writing style
(b) He has faith
(c) He is not over complicated
(d) He has followed his destiny

5. Who does Demian say will be pleased to see Sinclair?
(a) The sparrow hawk
(b) His father
(c) His mother
(d) Kromer

6. What does Pitorius decide he cannot be?
(a) A doctor
(b) A good person
(c) A priest
(d) A lawyer

7. What is Knaurer frustrated by at the end of his talks with Sinclair?
(a) His lust for Sinclair
(b) Sinclair's lack of empathy
(c) Sinclair's happiness
(d) His dislike for Sinclair

8. What sparkles in Eva's hair?
(a) Stars
(b) Glitter
(c) Drops of water
(d) Diamonds

9. What is the name of Demian's mother?
(a) Helena
(b) Dorothy
(c) Eva
(d) Jody

10. What does Pistorius encourage Sincalir to maintain?
(a) His self respect
(b) His relationships
(c) His humor
(d) His body

11. Where does Sinclair find the note?
(a) Under his pillow
(b) On his chair
(c) On the chalk board
(d) On his desk

12. Who is one of the men who Sinclair overhears talking on the street?
(a) Pistorius
(b) Knaurer
(c) Kromer
(d) Demian

13. Which language is the text in that Sinclair and Pistorius study in this chapter?
(a) British
(b) Greek
(c) Roman
(d) German

14. Where does Demain say Sinclair can find him?
(a) The telephone book
(b) At his mother's house
(c) From within
(d) In hell

15. What happens at the end of Sinclair's vision?
(a) He is shot
(b) He is taken prisoner
(c) He falls in a river
(d) He faints

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Demain say he recognizes Sinclair?

2. Why does Sinclair think it is important to stay alive in this chapter?

3. What noise comes from the bars as Sinclair walks past?

4. Who comes to Sinclair instead of Eva?

5. What does Knaurer talk about?

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