Demian Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Sinclair try to impress the neighborhood bully Franz Kromer?

In an effort to impress neighborhood bully Franz Kromer, Sinclair invents a story about stealing apples.

2. How does Kromer bully Sinclair?

Kromer demands money in return for not telling the merchant Sinclair claims to have stolen from. Sinclair doesn't have enough, so Krmoer subjects him to stealing, running errands and humiliation.

3. How does Sinclair's world change when he meets Kromer?

Before he ran into Kromer, Sinclair described his world as a realm of love and lightness with wisdom, duty and words from the Bible. Now, he is experiencing firsthand the forbidden realm of darkness, replete with scandal, drunkards who beat their wives and workmen who tell ghost stories.

4. What are Sinclair's hopes and ambitions at the beginning of the story?

Sinclair hopes to be clear-sighted and unspoiled, but is drawn to the seamier side of life. He fantasizes about enjoying the forbidden, then returning to his family as a prodigal son.

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