Demian Character Descriptions

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Beatrice - Her name is a reference to Dante. Sinclair describes her as "tall and slender, elegantly dressed," with "a touch of exuberance and boyishness in her face."

Alfons Beck - He is an older boy at Sinclair's boarding school who encounters Sinclair on the street one evening and takes him to a bar.

Max Demian - He is a formative influence on Sinclair's life because he is the first person to open his mind to the hypocrisy of traditional values and ideas.

Frau Eva - While on vacation from his boarding school, Sinclair comes across her picture, recognizing her from one of his dreams. He becomes overwhelmed with the desire to meet her, but has no idea where she is living.

Dr. Follens - He is a young assistant professor in one of Sinclair's courses while at boarding school.

Knauer - He is a younger...

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