Delta Force Fun Activities

Charles Alvin Beckwith
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Make the Symbol

Imagine that you were asked to design the symbol for Delta Force. Create a symbol based on what you think the group represents and the values that have gone into its development.

Interview with a Colonel

Write out an interview with Colonel Charlie Beckwith, including both the questions and his responses. The interview can take place during any time and you can use the information in the book to help speculate his answers.

Crossword Puzzle

Using the people and events in the book, create a crossword puzzle. Be sure to include both the questions and answers along with how they fit in the puzzle.

Hierarchy Memo

Write out a memo to Beckwith that informs him of the new hierarchy for Delta Force and the military. Include a diagram of the hierarchy levels and names.

Create the Flyer

Create a recruitment flyer for the first Delta...

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