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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Antonia say about a lie?
(a) That once a lie gets going, it keeps going until you believe it yourself.
(b) That a lie can make you feel better.
(c) That once told, a lie can never be repeated.
(d) That a lie will destroy you.

2. What does Antonia's mom say she is going to get when she comes home?
(a) A double-cheese pizza.
(b) A Big Mac combo.
(c) A sack full of Chinese food.
(d) A bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

3. According to Karen, why do so many people with clinical depression suffer relapses?
(a) Because they listen to acid rock.
(b) Because they eat the wrong kind of food.
(c) Because they do not exercise enough.
(d) Because they stop taking their medications.

4. How does Mrs. Luther react when she hears Jazz playing in the school auditorium?
(a) She applauds and runs on stage to hug Jazz.
(b) She sobs loudly and moans.
(c) She kicks the back of the seat in front of her in anger.
(d) She curses under her breath at the mistakes Jazz makes.

5. What promise does Antonia's mom make to her after returning from the hospital?
(a) Antonia's mom promises to make them steaks for dinner.
(b) Antonia's mom promises to pay back all the money she took out of Antonia's savings.
(c) Antonia's mom promises to move into a better house.
(d) Antonia's mom promises to start going to church.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the DIllon children is most reluctant to go home?

2. What is the dress like that Jazz's mother bought for her to wear to the competition?

3. Antonia understands that Jazz cannot give into her mother because Jazz has what character traits?

4. What is wrong with Antonia's mother?

5. Antonia's mom gets a part-time job at what kind of establishment?

Short Essay Questions

1. As nice as the Abeytas are, how does Antonia feel about staying at their house?

2. What do Antonia and Jazz decide to do to give Mrs. Bartoli a lesson on stereotyping?

3. Why does Jazz skip the competition and quit the piano?

4. Explain why Jazz never wants to play the polonaise again.

5. Why does Jazz beg Antonia not to tell Jazz's friends about her playing the piano?

6. Several times throughout the book, the term "ya-ya" is used with reference to Antonia. What is the significance of this term?

7. What does Mrs. Luther threaten to do if Jazz quits the piano, and how does this threat affect Jazz?

8. Explain Antonia's reaction to Karen.

9. What does Jazz say about the definition of a dream?

10. Explain why Antonia tells Jazz that her foster family are ugly, evil little gones who keep them locked up?

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