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1. Explain why Antonia does not want to be a peer counselor to Jazz Luther.

Antonia believes that Jazz Luther is hopeless. Antonia believes that Jazz hangs around with bad people and does bad things and has far bigger problems than Antonia can possibly address in peer counseling.

2. What is Antonia's reaction to Jazz showing her the tattoo on her ankle?

Antonia thinks that Jazz's tattoo is kind of cool, even though she hates the smell of Jazz's feet when she takes off her boots.

3. Why does Antonia feel overwhelmed when she returns home after her first day of peer counseling?

Antonia feels overwhelmed because their house is a total disaster. There is trash on the floor, the coffee pot is burning, and her brothers are hungry. Chuckie is refusing to eat his cereal because there is only powdered milk. In fact, there are no groceries in the house. Her mother is in bed.

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