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Short Answer Questions

1. The prison chaplain turns out to be

2. Now away from Llanabba, Paul is feeling

3. Margot Metroland, married to the former Maltravers,

4. The author wants us to deduce that Otto Silenus is

5. What is familiar about Prendergast in his new role as prison chaplain?

Short Essay Questions

1. On whom can we blame the death of Prendergast?

2. Briefly, discuss how Paul escapes the prison at Egdon-Heath.

3. What does Waugh's final passage about Paul's reading say about Paul?

4. What comparable trait can be said to be possessed by both Margot and Grimes?

5. Margot Beste-Chetwynde had been at King's Thursday only once before she purchased the property many years later. Discuss that visit.

6. Discuss Professor Silenus' role in the renovation of King's Thursday. What does he set out to accomplish?

7. How does the judge see Paul's involvement in the crime for which he is convicted?

8. Grimes has supposedly met with a terrible death in the bogs. Does Paul mourn his passing?

9. Where does Paul fit into Silenus' description of the wheel of life?

10. How is it that Prendergast is now a chaplain at the prison where Paul is incarcerated?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write a biography of Evelyn Waugh. Did he become famous for his writing while he was alive? Did he become wealthy from his work, or was he an unknown until later? Where was he born and educated, and where did he live his adult life? What characteristics about Waugh led him to have the social insights he seems to possess?

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay on the history of the Ritz Hotel in London, where Paul Pennyfeather stayed as his wedding was under preparation. Include information on the founders, the accommodations, the changes the hotel has undergone if it still exists, and the services and accommodations they offer.

Essay Topic 3

Write a detailed essay about the character of Prendergast. He is a complex character about whom we learn enough to piece together a puzzle about his nature. What quality does he represent in this story? Study his thinking and his basic nature as described by Waugh, and try to find some meaning for Prendy's life, and how it compares to others' in the story.

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