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Short Answer Questions

1. The author warns us that Paul Pennyfeather

2. Paul's new walking companion believes the chaplain is

3. All of Margot's weekend guests, including Maltravers, are

4. What has Margot done to King's Thursday that is so controversial?

5. Peter is somewhat angry with Paul because

Short Essay Questions

1. Grimes has supposedly met with a terrible death in the bogs. Does Paul mourn his passing?

2. Sir Wilfred Lucas-Dockery represents a certain type of character in Waugh's coterie of nuts. Describe him.

3. How is Paul given the news of Prendergast's death?

4. Discuss Dr. Fagan's current state of affairs at Llanabba.

5. What comparable trait can be said to be possessed by both Margot and Grimes?

6. What is about Margot that is so attractive to Peter? What personal motivation of Margot's does she make very clear to the men around her?

7. Why do you suppose Potts is intercepting Margot's interviewees across the street as they leave her residence?

8. The author gives us a clear glimpse of Pennyfeather's future at the end of this chapter. Discuss this seemingly awkwardly-placed revelation.

9. What is the distinguishing characteristic of Paul Pennyfeather that makes him go to Marseilles on business he is not really sure about--to call on women at an address in the depths of the slums?

10. How is it that Prendergast is now a chaplain at the prison where Paul is incarcerated?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Decline and Fall is a hilarious story that would lend itself well to a stage play or movie. Research to determine whether the story has ever been scripted for either. If so, include in your essay when, where and how the story was presented, the actors and producers and any reviews that might have resulted.

Essay Topic 2

The story offers many ideas, words and concepts that are obsolete. Leaf through the book and find at least three of these references that are strange or unfamiliar to you. Research each and write a 3-part essay on what you find. Remember that, in addition to being written in England, the book was written around eighty years ago.

Essay Topic 3

In this story, Waugh has young Peter Beste-Chetwynde not only mixing alcoholic drinks for adults, but indulging heavily himself at a very young age. Write an essay about the history of drinking in England. Was there ever a minimum age for drinking? Is there now? How does the rate of alcoholism in Britain compare to the U.S.?

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