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Short Answer Questions

1. At Scone College, it is the night of the annual dinner for

2. Prendergast figures out that hotel guests are being given

3. Paul's personality seems to be one of

4. Feigning a minor hand injury, what is Paul's real reason for not playing the organ at Grimes' wedding?

5. Mr. Pendergast dresses up for the occasion in

Short Essay Questions

1. Can you put together the pieces of Philbrick's story about his sister Gracie, and imagine what the true story might have been? Of course, we do not know, but Waugh hints through his story telling that Philbrick's life might not be great as he says.

2. What message comes through about British society in the Prelude?

3. The mysterious Philbrick speaks wistfully of his father, Chick. Discuss Chick.

4. Describe Lady and Lord Circumference.

5. What is it about Mrs. Beste-Chetwynde that has put Paul in such a state of mind over her?

6. What is Dr. Fagan's primary concern about Llanabba?

7. How is Prendergast's wig related to the "intractable" behavior of his students?

8. Prendergast seems doubtful about the presence of a new school master at Llanabba. How does that come through in their initial meeting?

9. What is ironic about the structure of Llanabba Castle?

10. How does Grimes portray the school system?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write a well-researched, detailed essay on the League of Nations. Why was it formed? What was its purpose, and what caused its demise? Was the US involved in it or affected by it? Do we have anything similar to it today?

Essay Topic 2

Write a detailed essay about the character of Prendergast. He is a complex character about whom we learn enough to piece together a puzzle about his nature. What quality does he represent in this story? Study his thinking and his basic nature as described by Waugh, and try to find some meaning for Prendy's life, and how it compares to others' in the story.

Essay Topic 3

Research and write about the history of the practice of "white slavery" as it is described in this story. Does it still go on? When was it at its peak? Was it always prostitution, or were there other reasons to capture people and enslave them? Is this something that Americans have also participated in?

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