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Short Answer Questions

1. Philbrick claimed to have

2. What do Chokey and Mrs. Beste-Chetwynde seem to be trying to convince people of?

3. What does the five percent of ninety pounds represent?

4. Beste-Chetwynde confides in Paul that the students feel Captain Grimes is

5. Regarding his upcoming marriage, Grimes is clearly in a state of

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Lady and Lord Circumference.

2. Philbrick has a great imagination. Of the three descriptions he has given of himself to Grimes, Prendy and Paul, which is the most likely to be true?

3. What words of wisdom does the Chaplain offer Paul when he is expelled?

4. Can you put together the pieces of Philbrick's story about his sister Gracie, and imagine what the true story might have been? Of course, we do not know, but Waugh hints through his story telling that Philbrick's life might not be great as he says.

5. What is Dr. Fagan's primary concern about Llanabba?

6. Captain Grimes is terribly depressed after being married a few days to Flossie. What is it that is so upsetting to him?

7. What is Margot Best-Chetwynde's interest in Chokey?

8. What is it about Mrs. Beste-Chetwynde that has put Paul in such a state of mind over her?

9. What message comes through about British society in the Prelude?

10. As the folks at Llanabba recap the day's events, they lament what a series of unfortunate events took place. What was it, in particular, that Prendy argued about with Mr. Cholmondey regarding church architecture?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

An astonishing element of this story is that Waugh wants us to notice that no one, including parents and teachers, is terribly concerned over the accidental shooting of little Lord Tangent, not to mention his ensuing death. Look into the American standards for schools and write an essay on the degree to which we protect our children from careless teachers and unsafe conditions. Do we, as a country, have laws about such things? Are the laws strictly local? Are there some lawsuits you can reference about this kind of accident on school grounds? Are the laws different for private vs. public schools?

Essay Topic 2

In this story, Waugh has young Peter Beste-Chetwynde not only mixing alcoholic drinks for adults, but indulging heavily himself at a very young age. Write an essay about the history of drinking in England. Was there ever a minimum age for drinking? Is there now? How does the rate of alcoholism in Britain compare to the U.S.?

Essay Topic 3

Write a biography of Evelyn Waugh. Did he become famous for his writing while he was alive? Did he become wealthy from his work, or was he an unknown until later? Where was he born and educated, and where did he live his adult life? What characteristics about Waugh led him to have the social insights he seems to possess?

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