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Short Answer Questions

1. What is it that brings a tear to the eye of Prendergast?

2. As a result of being his father's only heir, Philbrick claimed he is tormented by

3. Upset that Grimes is already married, Dr. Fagan suggests

4. Why does Grimes reject the job offered by the Clutterbucks?

5. Because of the charge against Paul at Scone, Dr. Fagan

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Dr. Fagan's biggest concern with respect to the sporting event at Llanabba?

2. Why are Sniggs and Postlehwaite especially guilty of the unjust treatment of Paul Pennyfeather?

3. Captain Grimes is in sheer agony over his upcoming marriage to Flossie. How does he pull himself out of his sad mood?

4. What kind of picture is emerging of the British school system in this chapter?

5. Discuss Mr. Levy, the scholastic agent. Is he a man of character?

6. Captain Grimes is terribly depressed after being married a few days to Flossie. What is it that is so upsetting to him?

7. What is ironic about the structure of Llanabba Castle?

8. As the folks at Llanabba recap the day's events, they lament what a series of unfortunate events took place. What was it, in particular, that Prendy argued about with Mr. Cholmondey regarding church architecture?

9. What is Margot Best-Chetwynde's interest in Chokey?

10. The mysterious Philbrick speaks wistfully of his father, Chick. Discuss Chick.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Who were the Moabites? What do we know about them, and why did their culture disappear? Why is there a negative connotation about them in Part II, Chapter 3, The Death of a Churchman? Write a detailed essay on the history of the Moabites, their beliefs, and anything that may be known about them.

Essay Topic 2

This story would have ruffled the feathers of the British elite, as well as the clergy. When the book was released in the late 1920's, was it reviewed? Research and write about any reviews, positive or negative, that the book has received, and explain the positions of the reviewers.

Essay Topic 3

Write a biography of Evelyn Waugh. Did he become famous for his writing while he was alive? Did he become wealthy from his work, or was he an unknown until later? Where was he born and educated, and where did he live his adult life? What characteristics about Waugh led him to have the social insights he seems to possess?

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