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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While riding through the English countryside toward Kings Thursday, Paul has
(a) A transcendent moment.
(b) A stomach ache.
(c) A short nap.
(d) Some trepidation.

2. The unsuspecting Paul Pennyfeather is arrested while
(a) Primping for his wedding.
(b) Eating eggs.
(c) Getting young Peter drunk.
(d) Making a toast to fortune.

3. Wilfred Lucas-Dockery forces Paul to
(a) Gradually begin to socialize with other prisoners.
(b) Go into serious therapy.
(c) Socialize more with the wardens.
(d) Start an arts and crafts project.

4. Official papers are signed that say
(a) The surgeon was too drunk to operate.
(b) A girl died under anesthesia.
(c) Paul died under anesthesia.
(d) Dingy is actually a nurse.

5. We can assume that the Hon. Miles Malpractice is
(a) The worst kind of realtor.
(b) A bad travel agent.
(c) A fumbling surgeon.
(d) A dishonest judge.

Short Answer Questions

1. The supper party is in celebration of

2. What has Margot done to King's Thursday that is so controversial?

3. Paul is ordered by Secretary Maltravers to undergo

4. Paul is impressed by Margot's talents as a

5. Professor Silenus decides to stay on at Margot's house, since

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Peter Beste-Chetwynde doing at Scone College? How does Paul feel about him?

2. Where does Paul fit into Silenus' description of the wheel of life?

3. Compare the two names held by Maltravers -- Maltravers and, now, Metroland. What is Waugh trying to say?

4. Why is it not surprising that Paul and Margot run into Philbrick at the upscale restaurant where they are having lunch?

5. Margot Beste-Chetwynde had been at King's Thursday only once before she purchased the property many years later. Discuss that visit.

6. On whom can we blame the death of Prendergast?

7. Briefly, discuss how Paul escapes the prison at Egdon-Heath.

8. When Margot announces her upcoming marriage to Maltravers, what is Paul's reaction?

9. Discuss Dr. Fagan's current state of affairs at Llanabba.

10. Describe the trait in Paul Pennyfeather that makes him ask Alistair Digby-Vaine-Trumpington to be his best man.

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