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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Paul arranges to have dinner with Arthur Potts who is
(a) A colleague at Llanabba.
(b) A friend of Captain Grimes.
(c) His old friend from Scone College.
(d) A friend of Mrs. Beste-Chetwynde.

2. Using bread for their ante, prisoners bet on
(a) Grimes' capture.
(b) Grimes' death.
(c) Grimes' turning himself in.
(d) Grimes' new alias.

3. Dockery's assessment of Paul is that
(a) He is emotionally stunted.
(b) He is a misanthrope who feels inferior.
(c) He is intellectually superior to most.
(d) He is a slow-witted recluse.

4. The professor attracted Mrs. Beste-Chetwynde's attention with a rejected design
(a) For an aluminum factory.
(b) For a village in Hungary.
(c) For a chewing gum factory.
(d) For a Tudor mansion.

5. Paul's new walking companion believes the chaplain is
(a) A fake.
(b) Not a well man.
(c) Not a Christian.
(d) A Satan worshipper.

Short Answer Questions

1. Margot Metroland, married to the former Maltravers,

2. The author wants us to deduce that Otto Silenus is

3. The wedding between Paul and Margot promises to be

4. Wilfred Lucas-Dockery forces Paul to

5. Why do the officials in France laugh at Paul's comment about the absurdity of the League of Nations?

Short Essay Questions

1. Sir Wilfred Lucas-Dockery represents a certain type of character in Waugh's coterie of nuts. Describe him.

2. Discuss Dr. Fagan's current state of affairs at Llanabba.

3. How does the judge see Paul's involvement in the crime for which he is convicted?

4. The author gives us a clear glimpse of Pennyfeather's future at the end of this chapter. Discuss this seemingly awkwardly-placed revelation.

5. On whom can we blame the death of Prendergast?

6. What is Peter Beste-Chetwynde doing at Scone College? How does Paul feel about him?

7. Grimes has supposedly met with a terrible death in the bogs. Does Paul mourn his passing?

8. Why is it not surprising that Paul and Margot run into Philbrick at the upscale restaurant where they are having lunch?

9. Compare the two names held by Maltravers -- Maltravers and, now, Metroland. What is Waugh trying to say?

10. Margot Beste-Chetwynde had been at King's Thursday only once before she purchased the property many years later. Discuss that visit.

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