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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Silenus's architectural style is biased toward
(a) Tudor mansions.
(b) Scrollwork.
(c) Industrial simplicity.
(d) Gingerbread decor.

2. When Potts quits school for a new job, his father
(a) Congratulates him.
(b) Disowns him.
(c) Encourages him heartily.
(d) Does not approve.

3. Cliff Place, a medical facility, is run by
(a) Augustus Fagan.
(b) Digby-Vaine-Trumpington.
(c) Potts.
(d) Philbrick.

4. Silenus thinks that Margot Beste-Chetwynde is
(a) Not much different from other similar women.
(b) A marvel to behold.
(c) Not to be trusted.
(d) A woman of high character and taste.

5. Silenus feels that life resembles
(a) A large spinning wheel.
(b) A bump in the road.
(c) The hub of a wagon wheel.
(d) A dance.

6. Not surpisingly, Paul runs into his old friend,
(a) Grimes.
(b) Dr. Fagan.
(c) Prendy.
(d) Potts.

7. When Potts arrives, on Grimes' trail, Paul
(a) Lies about Grimes' identity.
(b) Tells him Grimes has a new job.
(c) Explains that he knows Grimes.
(d) Directs him toward Grimes' home.

8. After the interviews, Paul and Margot go to lunch and see
(a) Philbrick.
(b) Potts.
(c) Peter.
(d) Grimes.

9. We can assume that the Hon. Miles Malpractice is
(a) A bad travel agent.
(b) A dishonest judge.
(c) The worst kind of realtor.
(d) A fumbling surgeon.

10. Margot asks Paul to help the young women she is sending to Rio, because
(a) They need more money.
(b) They have false identities.
(c) They are stuck in Marseilles.
(d) They are having transportation problems.

11. Despite harsh prison conditions, Paul
(a) Sleeps on a featherbed, from Margot.
(b) Does daily calisthenics.
(c) Eats lavishly, due to Margot.
(d) Has his own finely appointed restroom.

12. Rather than hold her accountable, Paul realizes that Margot
(a) Was set up by Peter to look like a criminal.
(b) Could not possibly be imprisoned for her crimes.
(c) Was innocent and knew nothing of the crime.
(d) Was a good mother and philanthropist.

13. Again, Paul is living the good life now, as
(a) A dead man.
(b) A tourist.
(c) A fugitive.
(d) Margot's husband.

14. After Potts' visit to Kings Thursday, Otto Silenus
(a) Gives away his things to the gardener.
(b) Moves in, with his instruments and luggage.
(c) Packs his bags and calls for a car.
(d) Disappears, never to return.

15. Grimes is in prison, convicted of
(a) Bigamy.
(b) False identity.
(c) Abandonment.
(d) Polygamy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Dockery's assessment of Paul is that

2. While Paul was gone, Margot has married

3. The new companion, the "big man," thinks an angel told him

4. Paul's train ride to Kings Thursday foreshadows

5. As punishment, Paul's companion is assigned to

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