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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dr. Fagan's letter sounds as though
(a) Llanabba is thriving.
(b) Llanabba has improved.
(c) Llanabba no longer exists.
(d) Llanabba is closing down.

2. While riding through the English countryside toward Kings Thursday, Paul has
(a) A stomach ache.
(b) A transcendent moment.
(c) Some trepidation.
(d) A short nap.

3. Dr. Fagan is, again, ready to
(a) Marry.
(b) Move on to a new career.
(c) Give away his daughters.
(d) Meet his maker.

4. Philbrick warns Paul that Margot may be in trouble with
(a) The Royal family.
(b) Scotland Yard.
(c) The League of Nations committee.
(d) The London police.

5. Silenus thinks that Margot Beste-Chetwynde is
(a) A woman of high character and taste.
(b) Not much different from other similar women.
(c) Not to be trusted.
(d) A marvel to behold.

6. Who does the little man think Philbrick is?
(a) An old friend of Lucas-Dockery.
(b) The governor's brother.
(c) Sir Solomon Lucas-Dockery's father.
(d) The head prison warden.

7. The prison chaplain turns out to be
(a) Mr. Clutterbuck.
(b) Potts.
(c) Mr. Prendergast.
(d) Captain Grimes.

8. Professor Silenus decides to stay on at Margot's house, since
(a) He is sleeping better.
(b) He has no ambition.
(c) He wants to wait for Margot.
(d) He has no money.

9. What has Margot done to King's Thursday that is so controversial?
(a) She has demolished it.
(b) She has preserved it as a party house.
(c) She has rebuilt and modernized it.
(d) She has turned it into a meeting house.

10. Returning to Scone college in disguise, Paul learns that
(a) He was considered insane.
(b) He was highly respected.
(c) He was considerd wild and a degenerate.
(d) He was considered sad and lonely.

11. All of Margot's weekend guests, including Maltravers, are
(a) Unemployed.
(b) Suffering from poverty.
(c) Uninvited.
(d) Nobility.

12. Using bread for their ante, prisoners bet on
(a) Grimes' capture.
(b) Grimes' death.
(c) Grimes' turning himself in.
(d) Grimes' new alias.

13. Dockery's assessment of Paul is that
(a) He is intellectually superior to most.
(b) He is a misanthrope who feels inferior.
(c) He is a slow-witted recluse.
(d) He is emotionally stunted.

14. While Paul was gone, Margot has married
(a) Maltravers.
(b) Digby-Vaine-Trumpington.
(c) Philbrick.
(d) Silenus.

15. Grimes escapes prison under a cloud of
(a) Heavy rain.
(b) Fog.
(c) Sand.
(d) Quarry dust.

Short Answer Questions

1. Grimes is assumed to be dead because

2. Ironically, the women are being escorted to Rio by

3. Guilt over Grimes' death is expressed by

4. The unsuspecting Paul Pennyfeather is arrested while

5. Margot's yacht is waiting for Paul to take him to

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