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Lesson 1 (from Prelude)


The Bollinger Club is made up of aristocratic elite young men who are descendants of kings and nobility. Their raucous celebration is intended to make a statement to the reader. The objective of this lesson is to better understand the prelude, as well as the tone set by the Bollinger Club at Scone College.


1. Class discussion: As a group, try to, in one cohesive sentence, distill Waugh's point about the education system and the Bollinger Club. Have students volunteer adjectives and words that can be put together in a thesis that will summarize this prelude.

2. In small groups, discuss and write down any circumstances you have witnessed or read about that can compare to the Bollinger Club's activities. Read aloud to the class.

3. Have students draw a picture of a Bollinger member, complete with accoutrement.

4. Homework: Look up some exclusive boys' schools, and write a...

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