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This story lends itself well to stage plays. In groups, choose scenes from the book to act out for the class. There are some particularly funny ones - the funnier the better. Each student should memorize their lines, and set up some kind of background that resembles that of the scene.

Llanabba art

Draw an architectural rendering of Llanabba Castle, complete with its peculiarities.

Fashion design

Design an outlandish dress for Flossie Fagan, similar to the ones she wears in the story. Don't forget the hat.


Make a collage of cut out photos and artwork that depict the characters and scenes from the book. Choose a particular character or scene to focus on, and have the class identify the meaning of the collage.

Rood screen project

Chokey gets into an argument with Prendergast about rood screens. Find pictures of rood screens on the internet and print...

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