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Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Paul Pennyfeather represents a certain kind of person who still exists in the world. In a well-written essay, describe what it is about Paul that gets him into sticky situations, as well as how he reacts to his troubles. Is he a well-rounded person? Is he an open-minded person? Is there anything extreme about him?

Essay Topic 2

If the Bollinger Club were a real entity, it would be a disgrace to its members' families. Do some research and determine whether Waugh based the idea of this club on a real club or organization. Write about how being part of a line of princes, kings and nobility can affect the ideals and morals of its members, according to Waugh. Are the Bollingers good people? Bad people? Explain your position.

Essay Topic 3

Decline and Fall is a hilarious story that would lend itself well to a stage play...

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