Decline and Fall Character Descriptions

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Paul Pennyfeather

The novel's main character who witnesses events, but does not participate in them.

Sir Alastair Digby-Vaine-Trumpington

The young man who inadvertently is to blame for all of Paul Pennyfeather's troubles.

Dr. Augustus Fagan

The elderly, racist headmaster of Llanabba School.

Captain Grimes

An old Harrovian with a wooden leg and a drinking problem.

Mr. Prendergast

A former minister turned reluctant schoolmaster.


Llanabba's butler and an unflaggingly shady character.

Arthur Potts

One of Paul's four friends at Scone and later a member of the League of Nations.

Peter Beste-Chetwynde

One of Paul's students.


One of Llanabba's students of lesser status.

Lady Circumference

The mother to Lord Tangent.

Lord Tangent

A student at Llanabba School who is accidentally shot by Mr. Prendergast

Margot Beste-Chetwynde

An extremely wealthy woman who becomes engaged to Paul.


Margot's black escort for the Llanabba school sports.

Professor Otto Silenus


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