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• Two deans of Scone College watch from their window as the elite Bollinger Club celebrates its semi-annual meeting.

• The aristocratic Bollingers destroy property and wreak havoc on campus.

• Paul Pennyfeather, an ecclesiastical student, is spotted with a tie similar to the Bollingers'

• Paul is accosted on the quadrangle, his pants being forcibly removed in a tussle with the members. He runs pantless across the campus.

• Pennyfeather is expelled for indecent behavior, while the Bollingers are simply fined.

Part 1, Chapter 1

• Paul learns that his guardian will withhold his inheritance because of his expulsion from school

• Paul is forced to look for a job as a school master.

• He is offered a job at a shabby school named Llanabba to teach subjects he does not know.

• Paul meets Augustus Fagan, the owner of the school, who assigns him to courses he knows nothing about.

• Fagan is anxious to present...

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