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Short Answer Questions

1. What resource do the Pentagon and the Defense Department come up with for the military effort against Japan?

2. Winston realizes that Yamata effectively orchestrated a destabilization of the world market through what means?

3. How many missile sites do the bombers from Elmendorf Air Force Base destroy?

4. The U.S. military planning in response to the Japanese attack revolves mostly around which of the following?

5. About how many military personnel are transported to an air base in Russia?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Yamata intend to manipulate the vote over which nation Saipan wishes to be a part of?

2. What leads to Yamata's kidnapping of Koga?

3. What information and resources do the Americans have in trying to locate Koga?

4. How does the U.S. cause India to capitulate?

5. What do Durling and Ryan ask the major news networks to do?

6. How is Chris Cook's betrayal discovered?

7. What is Yamata's reaction to the American counter-attack?

8. What is the tactical situation in the Indian Ocean just after the Japanese attacks?

9. Explain the arrangement suggested by both Nagumo and the Japanese ambassador.

10. How does Durling resolve the political crisis of Kealty's legal problems?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Intelligence operations are an important part of this novel. Many critical plot lines revolve around the covert actions of U.S., Russian, and even Japanese operatives. Their methods are varied and range from the ultra-high-tech to the incredibly mundane, but they often manage to get information and secure targets that could never be achieved otherwise.

Part 1) Describe some of the intelligence operatives seen in the novel. Explain these individuals personalities, backgrounds, and skills, and make a generalized statement about agents from each major nation discussed in the book.

Part 2) Explain some of the methods used by operatives throughout the novel. Compare high and low-tech solutions to similar problems.

Part 3) Discuss some of the results achieved by intelligence operatives. Assess how critical these results are, how they affect the narrative, and whether they could have achieved their goals by other available methods.

Use examples and quotes from the book to support your conclusions.

Essay Topic 2

Just before the Japanese strike on the U.S. fleet and Pacific islands, the U.S. and Russia jointly celebrate the destruction of their last nuclear weapons. Nuclear disarmament is complete between these two superpowers who vied for decades and came close to initiating suicidal nuclear war. This is a goal that many politicians, statesmen, and diplomats dreamed of throughout the cold war. In the novel, it's implications are crucial.

Part 1) Explain how the joint disarmament occurs and why the U.S. and Russia agree to work together on this issue.

Part 2) Describe the reaction in these two countries and throughout the world when the last missiles are destroyed. Is this reaction reasonable and believable?

Part 3) Explain the strategic consequences of the disarmament.

Part 4) Speculate whether the disarmament seen in the novel could really occur between the U.S. and Russia. Explain how these events, or events nearly like them, could occur.

Essay Topic 3

Ryan and Durling use a range of methods, some more morally acceptable than others, to manipulate the U.S. press. They see these actions as being necessary to see a successful resolution to the conflict with the Japanese. However, both the freedom of the press and the right of the people to know the truth are core values in America.

Part 1) Explain how and why the press is manipulated in the novel.

Part 2) Discuss some of the problems, practical and moral, associated with the manipulation of the press.

Part 3) Discuss the results of Ryan and Durling's manipulations.

Part 4) Assess whether the decision to manipulate the pass was a good one, and whether is was morally justifiable.

Provide support for your discussion with quotes and examples from the novel.

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