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Short Answer Questions

1. Winston realizes that Yamata effectively orchestrated a destabilization of the world market through what means?

2. The U.S. military planning in response to the Japanese attack revolves mostly around which of the following?

3. Where are Clark and Chavez hiding out while Ryan's operation is planned?

4. How are the three Comanche helicopters refueled over the Pacific?

5. What does Ryan believe Japan's ultimate goal is?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Yamata's reaction to the American counter-attack?

2. Explain the arrangement suggested by both Nagumo and the Japanese ambassador.

3. What leads to Yamata's kidnapping of Koga?

4. As part of Ryan's plan, what naval assets are immediately dispatched against Japan and what is their mission?

5. What information and resources do the Americans have in trying to locate Koga?

6. What complications at home force Ryan to act quickly in forming a plan, and keep much of it secret?

7. What do Durling and Ryan ask the major news networks to do?

8. How does the U.S. cause India to capitulate?

9. How does Yamata intend to manipulate the vote over which nation Saipan wishes to be a part of?

10. What measures are taken to prevent further crisis in the U.S. markets? Why are these measures somewhat ineffective?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Secrecy is crucial to many of the operations planned and carried out in this novel. The author even keeps the reader in the dark about many of these plans until they are executed. This secrecy is achieved in different ways, and when this vital information is leaked, it causes major problems for both sides.

Part 1) Explain how secrecy is used by both sides for strategic advantage.

Part 2) Discuss the ways that both sides achieve and maintain secrecy. Compare and contrast their methods.

Part 3) Use examples from the book to illustrate how successfully maintaining secrecy over an operation can yield enormous results, and how leaked information causes immense problems.

Provide support for your conclusions with quotes from the novel.

Essay Topic 2

Justice is eventually served to many of the characters who perpetrate wrongs throughout the novel. Since moral issues and principles feature prominently in the book, it is important that these people face their fates.

Part 1) Discuss justice as a theme in this novel. What role does it play in the overall narrative?

Part 2) Describe how justice is brought against important wrongdoers in the novel.

Part 3) Explain how some characters attempt to evade justice.

Part 4) Discuss examples of characters who perpetrate wrong, but who do not face justice for their crimes.

Part 5) Discuss how well justice is served by the end of the novel.

Use examples and quotes from the book to support your conclusions.

Essay Topic 3

A major part of Yamata's plan to bring down the U.S. is to launch a devastating attack against the U.S. economy. This attack proves every bit as effective as Yamata had hoped, crippling the nation before a solution can be found to counter it.

Part 1) Explain how Yamata orchestrates the attack against the U.S. economy.

Part 2) Describe what Yamata hopes to gain through this attack. Is it conducted solely for the impact it will have on the American people, or are there other important benefits from Yamata's perspective?

Part 3) Given the effectiveness of the attack, assess whether this mode of warfare is valid as a means of attacking another nation. Is such an act essentially an act of war? Use evidence from the book to support your claim.

Part 4) Explain the response by Ryan and others to this attack. How does the organized response to this attack parallel the organized military effort seen later in the novel?

Provide support for your conclusions with quotes from the novel.

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