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This island in the Mariana Chain was occupied by Japan during World War II and fictitiously in the novel.

Columbus Group

Yamata purchases controlling interest of this investment firm.

Japanese Diet

This is the legislative body of the democratic government in Japan.

Indian Ocean

This location is the site of military maneuverings between U.S. and Indian Naval forces.

Sri Lanka

This location is a small independent nation that India plans to invade and occupy.


This model of helicopter is considered the best in the world.

Ohio Class Submarines

Five of these vessels are mobilized to check the Japanese navy's movements and to attack if necessary.

U.S.S. Enterprise

This ship is a U.S. Naval carrier disabled by a Japanese strike.

U.S.S. John Stennis

This ship is a U.S. Naval carrier disabled by Japanese strike. It is repaired quickly and secretly...

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