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Prologue - Chapter 5

1. Where does Raizo Yamata buy land?
(a) Kyushu.
(b) Saipan.
(c) Hokkaido.
(d) Kamchatka.

2. What are "zaibatsu"?
(a) A brand of cars.
(b) Start-up companies.
(c) Informants.
(d) Wealthy businessmen and industrialists.

3. With what nations does Yamata seek secret alliances?
(a) South Korea and Vietnam.
(b) France and Italy.
(c) India and China.
(d) Russia and Afghanistan.

4. Yamata is planning to refit the Russian missiles to carry what type of weapon?
(a) Nerve gas.
(b) Dirty bombs.
(c) Nuclear warheads.
(d) Biological weapons.

5. What does Yamata do with the Columbus Investment Group?
(a) He causes its stock to plummet.
(b) He purchases controlling shares.
(c) He secretly bankrupts it.
(d) He buys it in a hostile takeover.

6. What is Jack Ryan's profession when the novel begins?
(a) Investment banker.
(b) Security consultant.
(c) Day trader.
(d) Foreign ambassador.

7. At the beginning of the novel, what job is Jack Ryan offered by President Durling?
(a) Secretary of Security Directives.
(b) Internal Security Commissioner.
(c) Defense Directives Chairman.
(d) National Security Advisor.

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