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Lesson 1 (from Prologue - Chapter 5)


Prologue - Chapter 5

Raizo Yamata is the principal antagonist in the novel. He is a character driven by a singular goal, and determined to see it through no matter the cost. This lesson is about Raizo Yamata. Students should be able to form a basic outline of this major character.


1) Class Discussion: What are Yamata's goals? What drives him to pursue these goals? How determined is he to see them through?

2) Small Group Discussion: What is Yamata's personality? What factor's determine Yamata's personality? How is he affected by his culture and the history of his nation?

3) Individual Assignment: Write a summary of Yamata's major actions so far, and explain how each illuminates his personality, and advances his plans.

4) Homework: Describe Yamata's plan for achieving his goals. Give a brief assessment of how well thought-out these plans are, and the likelihood of their success.

Lesson 2 (from Prologue - Chapter 5)


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