Debt of Honor Character Descriptions

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Jack Ryan

This former CIA operative is offered and accepts the position of National Security Advisor and later, that of Vice President.

Raizo Zamata

This Japanese zaibatsu is determined to bring the U.S. to its knees and to make Japan a major world power.

John Clark

This CIA operative participated in the capture of an African dictator and later poses as a Russian journalist to conduct operations in Japan.

Dingo Chavez

This CIA operative is adept with the new light ray device. He poses as a Russian photographer to conduct operations in Japan.


This Japanese political leader has many vices and is used as a puppet by another major character.

Roger Durling

This character is the President of the United States during most of the novel.

Ed Kealty

This American political leader resigns quietly when faced with evidence that backs the allegation of rape made against...

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