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Prologue - Chapter 5

• Raizo Yamata is the head of the zaibatsu, powerful and influential Japanese businessmen. His goal is to bring America to its knees and create a Japanese empire. He is enacting a long and convoluted plan to that end.

• Jack Ryan accepts an offer to become National Security Advisor and immediately sets to work investigating and solving international security issues. His first act to is organize the capture of an African rebel leader.

• At the beginning of the novel, the world is largely at peace, with a few issues scattered around the world that hint at underlying problems.

• The director of the FBI confirms that American women are being lured to Japan and made into concubines for wealthy Japanese men.

• Fuel tanks from Japan are incorrectly rust-proofed and put into Japanese cars sold in America.

Chapters 6 - 10

• The operative in Japan, Chet Nomuri, locates Kimberly Norton...

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